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    It is Time for Litten to Set Off!! (964)

    I'm banking on Sun and Moon to do a full 180 in the Lusamine, Ultra Beast arcs and especially the Type: Null experimentations. They are very dark even by Pokemon standards, I mean a Chimaera Pokemon, really?
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    Sun & Moon, your thoughts now vs first thoughts

    Initial reaction: OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO ASH'S FACE? KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! HE LOOKS LIKE HIS IQ HAS DROPPED BELOW 0!! Now: Still not a huge fan of his facial design, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how his competency (and Pika's strength) has completely carried over from...
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    Will the Z-Move Work?! Challenging the Grand Trial!! (953)

    Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone. Did the writers decide not to reset Pika for once? And that callback to that Brawly battle back in AG was brilliant. Hopefully we get to see counter shield used again.
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    The Totem Pokémon is Gumshoos! (952)

    Right from the start, Rowlet didn't look to be like another Oshawott. Unlike Oshawott, Rowlett actually showed some real battling talents, and showed more potential. It's not as selfish, arrogant and actually has a lot more passion.
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    Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! (933)

    I'm amazed at how well Ash's teaam held up with Alain's. Also, it looks like Peakachu makes a return. And poor Hawlucha, that was so unlucky. Here are my predictions: Pikachu loses to Charizard, Zard switches to Bisharp, Goodra beats Bisharp, Zard Mega-Evolves and beats Goodra, and finally faces...
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    I'm amazed at how long ago it actually was. But let's see what the next two battles will reveal to us. They better be insanely good in order to have any chance of vindicating the league somewhat.
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    Ash vs Paul & vs Trollbias was 6 years ago, and that ridiculous 6v5 vs Cameron was over 3 years ago. Not to mention the utterly absurd 6 vs 3 against Roxy. But it has only been 6 years lol.
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    Sinnoh had some really tough opponents, not to mention that Paul pushed him to become the trainer he is now. It's very obvious that the league was for Ash to take had the writers not decided to throw Trollbias in for a laugh. In XY, sure, Ash did flatten some opponents (barring the league), but...
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    Agree with that, but we haven't yet seen the writers use Ash's battling skills to the test, the true test of Ash's strength. Never mind having stronger Pokemon, we haven't seen Ash utilise his battle smarts so far, which is even better than at Sinnoh, and this was what the league is badly
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    I strongly disagree. In this series, Ash is very cerebral, moreso than even in Sinnoh, and his 'acting before thinking' is vestigial at best. What Ash has which Sawyer doesn't have is the ability to think on the fly, arguably his most notable trait as a trainer throughout the anime's history...
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    Didn't Sinnoh have preliminaries? Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, matching the spectacle that was Ash vs Paul, and I'm not talking about the animations, but interms of strategy, tactics, passion and wits, will be a sight to see in the next battles.
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    Also, the fact that there are exactly 64 competitors prove that this is lazy writing at its finest. No preliminaries, nothing. Clearly the writers didn't consider the league to be a priority (at least, not the first half), they obviously want the wrap up the TF arc ASAP. While I'm more than...
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    Valuable Experience for All! (929)

    To a degree, I do see Infernape's point. The league, for all of the hype and the quality of the battles in this series, has been rushed quite badly. To be honest, Ash should have been battling somebody fairly tough (and I expected Astrid to be so). On the flip side however, at the cost of some...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Fellas, fellas, fellas. Just because of ONE episode, did you think they're going to drop it altogether? There were hints from the last episode, stop being the glas half-empty types. I'm no shipper, I just observe what's going on in the series, Amour included. I'd imagine they'e going to drop...
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    Looks like Greninja is the new Infernape

    Greninja as a Froakie wasn't ditched by his trainer, it was actually the other way around, but the similarities do outweigh the differemces somewhat.
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    Pokemon Sun/Moon possibilities discussion thread

    I'm still not ruling out another possibility which I proposed quite a while ago. Ash winning the league but losing to the Elite 4, then goes off to the next region, but to train himself so that he can beatvthe Elite 4 rather than pursuing badges. Perhaps he could act as the mentor to the next...
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    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    There's no reason why the NX shouldn't be more powerfuk than the PS4 and XBONE, since they use tech dating back to as early as 2010. I don't see why Nintendo can't make the NX as powerful as the XBONE S (not the Scorpio). The Wii U is actually a fair amount more powerful than the PS36O, thanks...
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    General Video Game Discussion Silver Version

    Eh, the main intention behimd the post was about how different gamers have different tastes. You'll probably understamd why I am so excited about Uncharted 4. I've been waiting since it was announced 3 years ago, and when the original release date back in last November was pushed to this yeae, I...
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    General Video Game Discussion Silver Version

    Eh, nothing to do with what real gamers want. It's all about personal taste. But yes, expect Uncharted 4 to utterly obliterate sales next month, especially after that insanely gorgeous Madagascar gameplay preview, and the fact that they took the gameplay far beyond anything I've ever seen in...
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    If Video Game characters had their own Pokemon team.

    Not sure if there is a thread for this before, but I think this is something that'll get people thinking. What Pokemon would suit your character the most? Let's get the ball rolling (only one Legendary at most in a team of 6): Link (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) Aegislash, Lucario...