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    What films are you looking forward to in 2011?

    Scream 4 is one of them ..
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    Katy Perry...

    I really like her .. I think she is beautiful and well fashioned .. And has some pretty good songs like Firework and Hot N Cold .. Justin Bieber ****ing sucks if anybody said he liked him ..
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    Green and Brown .. My favorite :=)
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    Do you prefer Male or Female singers ?

    I guess male is the dominant one till' now ..
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    Coca Cola vs Pepsi vs "The Store Brand" vs Sprite

    I'll choose Coca Cola and juice ^^
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    Peanut Butter

    I took that the wrong way .. LOL ! Anyway, definitely chunky
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    By the time you're 60, you've slept for 20 years

    I really think it is "crazy" that someone sleeps 1-2 hours lol .. I mean, how do you guys function? I sleep 7-8 hours and I feel tired throughout the morning .. For me it is mostly 11pm-7am during school days
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    General Chat Thread

    Me too .. I feel like it is really disgusting and also it is filled with diseases -.- lol .. By the way, I like your signature lol .. Poor Sarah Palin ..
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    Do you prefer Male or Female singers ?

    I have always wanted to ask this question to see which is the dominant sex in the music industry lol .. hard question huh ?? I am gonna have to say Rock for Males and Pop for both so my vote is gonna be for Male but I like both and also because I am a boy .. And no I will not put both in the...
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    Rock or Pop?

    I am gonna have to say Pop is better because I listen Pop much more than Rock .. Katy Perry , Enrique Iglesias and Kesha are unbelievable ..
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    Paranormal Experiences - talk about experiences with the supernatural

    Are you for real?please tell me your were joking .. no offense, but that was one of the lamest lies I have ever heard .. ! Guys, lie but please do not cross the line .. Anyways, I never had any paranormal experiences that I was aware of .Honestly.
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    I really feel that wikileaks is having a good purpose,it shows people the real deal.. I mean did you guys see the video in which the US Army shoots Iraq Civilians mercilessly including kids and they were joking for god's sake! that is just absolutely inhuman!! I mean are those humans !? lol ...
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    How many meals do you eat in a day ?

    I really feel sad for them -.- Diabetes,obesity .......
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    What is YOUR signature? Show us!

    In this thread , we can have fun by showing each other our signatures and choose if its nice or bad ^^ What do you guys think about my SIMPLE signature ??
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    Thank you GladeShadow , it truly looks -> MAGNIFICENT <- and thank you again .. ^^
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    Jokes and Riddles

    lol .. That is dirty ! I wanna hear some more dirty and nasty jokes .. lol
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    Your most unusual foes that you swear were hacked

    I once battled someone with an Articuno that has Hydro Pump and Thunder .. I mean WTF !? The good thing is that I easily defeated it using me one and only Medicham ^-^
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    How many meals do you eat in a day ?

    You people eat nothing and have pretty good weight while I am struggling to stay non skinny -.- .. lol I eat a lot without gaining weight so I don't know if it is good or not ..
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    ~.:The Enchanting Shop:.~

    Hehe , it looks funny in a good way .. Thanks a bunch ^^