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    The hardest part of a dungeon.

    Monster houses, I cannot tell you how many times I've ran into those.
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    Nice banner.

    Nice banner.
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    What In Johto is Red doing in Mt. Silver?

    I never knew that he had to go to MT.Silver. Come to think of it all the games are based on Manga.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Yeah, its action is going down now. =/
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    G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread

    Upon route 31 I traveled into the Bellsprout tower. I beat everyone with ease. After use my escape rope in front of the sage I was out of the tower. I challenged Flanker (OR whatever his name is) I beat them with ease. Then Splash evolved. I continued to Azela town. During which I caught a...
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    Is this generation your favorite?

    Yeah by far, I loved traveling day and night. Going to Kanto Region battling Kanto gym leaders. Those were the times...yeah. List of best Generation games: First : G/S/C Second : R/B/G/Y Third : FR/LG Fourth: R/S/E Fifth: D/p D/P=Major FAIL
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    G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread

    I restarted my game! =O I chose Totodile named it Splash, traveled onward got Splash to Level 9. Battled Rival (Chickorita :L 5) beat Rival Silver with Splash move "Rage". Went to Prof. Elm, gave him Mystery Egg. Talked to Police Officer, continued onward. Caught Level 4 Pidgey, named it Tatsu...
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    G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread

    Lucky me lucky me!!!! Woot woot! I got Pokerus from fighting a Ditto! I have infected most pokes. =D And I got Gastly to level 30, now Haunter. And Larvitar Level 28/29.
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    G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread

    I recently barely beat a Pokemon trainer with my Larvitar. Level 29 Psyduck Level 29 Amphoras Beat with Level 24 Larvitar. Sand Storm + Rock Slide = KO
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    Which was your favourite?

    Yellow = Red I could never decide I loved Red cause of the old game feeling when playing it. And Yellow with Pikachu tagging along right behind you.
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    If you could live anywhere in hoenn where would it be?

    Fortree, living in tree houses! ftw!
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    Giratina's Another Forme is no more...

    I like the new one just looks better that's all. Altered Forme sounds okay.
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    Whose side are you on?

    Team Aqua ftw! Cool bandanna's, Water Pokemon, Kyogre ftw.
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    If You Could Live in the Johto Region...

    Ecruteak Town. It's a town people. This was my favorite part of G/S/C. Plus I could become the Gym Leader! Ghost Pokemon ftw! ;094; Gengar ftw!
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    It's hacked. A Legendary dog comes from Kanto regardless of migration.
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    Hey long time no see. It's me Light_sky

    Hey long time no see. It's me Light_sky
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    Official Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Help Thread - Small questions go here!

    Elite four that's where I trained all my pokes to level 100.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Yeah that would be awesome. I wonder what the Fourth is going to do. And Naruto's reaction when he realizes that it's his dad.
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    Well nice to meet you. I use to go on Pe2k. My Username was Light_Sky

    Well nice to meet you. I use to go on Pe2k. My Username was Light_Sky
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    Freakish Coincedences.

    I get deja vu's every week or two. And I always have a feeling that something bad is going to happen from a week to the day of a bad thing. When I stand or look at something every week (Deja Vu's) I get a flash back in my mind from a secondary view.