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    I am new.

    Hello there! Just be sure not to spam the smilies and your good!
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    Create Your Own Moves!!

    Shade Burst Type: Ghost Catergory: Special PP: 5 Accuracy: 100% Power: -- Does 200 damage to both the user and opponent. Freak Out Type: Normal Catergory: Other PP: 5 Accuracy: -- Power: -- All the user's moves attack all other pokemon in a double battle for 3 turns. The user becomes confused...
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    Most Weird Pokemon

    Jynx gives me nightmares :( The Regis are weird in its own fun way.
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    The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

    Yoshigi! Do you not like my spagetti!??!?!?!??!
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    The NEW Paper Mario Trilogy Club

    Hey there! Don't mind if I do a bit of necromancy here, do you? >=) I'd love to join, I played Super Paper Mario and enjoyed it plenty. Favorite soundtrack? Probably any of Dementio's soundtracks, and Fracktail's. I don't know if I can be an active poster though, im a busy person :(
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    Ambipom or Lopunny?

    Ambipom, 10 char limit strikes again D:
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    6/10, I already know that you like to make a stream of your name on the games forum. :P
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    You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

    When you avoid the gaze of other people.
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    The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

    Only if its paper. Jonny Appleseed has four apples. He gave away three, bought twelve more, found another apple on the ground, lost half of the apples, gave three to the poor, bought double the current amount of apples he has, and an orange.
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    The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

    Because hitmonchan punched him when he was little, and Hitmonlee was traumatized. He now seeks vengence and has devoted his life to assassinating Hitmonchan with his legs. You seek a greater path?
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    The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

    Yes, even an ev'ed aruceus in attack using giga impact will only inflict 1 HP on them! Where do you live, earth or the world?
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    Which Pokemon do you think is the most forgotten?

    Moltres Zapdos Chinchou Lanturn Amphardos Mareep Flaafy Girafarig Mulcham <This is by far the most forgotten pokemon Teddiursa Ursarang Donphan Phanpy Diglett Dugtrio Corphish Crawdaunt Relicanth Finneon has potential Lumineon has potential Carnevine has potential All these are pretty...
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    what animals arent pokemon

    An eel, sea snake, and an eel have yet to be used...
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    does tapping the A button acctually help catch a poke'mon?

    No, but I do it anyway because it feels like im actually doing something about it. Same goes when im confused, and I also do it with the touchpad when im using a styulus(sp).
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    the wizards' duel (V2)

    *Turns into a giant stingray!* (You can see where this is going)
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    You press the red button

    A giant speeker pops out of the wall yelling: "DARTH VADER IS LUKES FATHER!" *presses belly button*
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    It Reads Your Mind Omg!

    That still dosen't tell us how the heck it reads the mind. And its not the same for me... :(
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    It Reads Your Mind Omg!

    Hmm, that IS pretty freaky. There must be some sorta trick behind this...no way an interent thing can read my mind. o,o
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    If you had a chance to Evolve a Pikachu, would you and when would you evolve it?

    I rarely train squishies at all, but if I did train a pikachu I would wait till I get the moves I want, then evolve it.
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    Quote the Funniest Post Made by the above user!!!

    *ressurects thread before it passes one month line* Coral, duh o,O