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  1. Polipuff

    Fan Fiction Reviewers' Leaderboard

    I've really got nothing to show for, except probably Ionization, by Phalanx > http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?658762-Ionization&p=18435962#post18435962
  2. Polipuff


    Hey Phalanx, I promised myself to review your new fic ‘Ionization’, so here it goes. First off, I will say that this is absolutely brilliant for the first chapter. It’s both interesting and creative not seeing a golett using sign language, but seeing how you executed it not just by description...
  3. Polipuff

    Readability in Fanfiction

    https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Test-your-document-s-readability-85b4969e-e80a-4777-8dd3-f7fc3c8b3fd2#__toc342546555 Microsoft Office has its built in readability checker. https://quollwriter.com/user-guide/chapters/readability.html Quoll Writer does as well...
  4. Polipuff

    Readability in Fanfiction

    I analyzed the reading ease of 25 award-winning fics. Here’s what I found: Fics included: A Leash of Foxes - Cutlerine Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT - JX Valentine Anima Ex Machina - JX Valentine Communication - Sike Saner Crack'd, or How the Love of Seafood Saved Unova - Cutlerine Electric Sheep -...
  5. Polipuff

    Balance (Rewritten) [PG-15]

    Unfortunately, I would say that your dialogue is one of your weaker aspects of writing. It’s a little repetitive. You always start with an action, then the actual talking. For example: Can you see the repetitiveness at the beginning of each paragraph? It’s also okay to just write a few lines...
  6. Polipuff

    Writing Resources Thread

    Will do. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sure. Done, thanks. The image didn't connect to the site in any way, but it was broken so I removed it.
  7. Polipuff

    Writing Resources Thread

    Here is a handy list of websites I have compiled over months for writing Pokemon fanfiction. It's a bit overkill, but feel free to add your own personal ones to the thread. Also, I haven't seen a thread like this yet. Happy New Year! College Courses...
  8. Polipuff

    The Authors’ Café Rules

    May you post links to external websites?
  9. Polipuff

    The Cliche Thread

    This is more of just my logical head aching when I read a 'chosen one' fic, though, but I totally agree with your points. I never said that you were forbidden to write about them; if you are a decent writer, then by all means go ahead. however, if you are newer to writing, I suggest you avoid...
  10. Polipuff

    The Cliche Thread

    Yep, that's what I'm going for, trying to build up a collection of them.
  11. Polipuff

    The Cliche Thread

    Pokemon Cliches What is a Cliche? Although dictionary.com describes cliches as a common trite, in the fanfiction world, we often describe cliches as overused ideas while being often poorly executed. If you know you're great at writing (and others think so too), by all means experiment with...
  12. Polipuff

    snowstorm on the yellow sea

    I only read the first chapter, but I'll give you what I thought of it. 'Sea' should be capitalized. (Also, I have a hunch that this name was inspired by Manchester-by-the-Sea). Is this an error? Sentences like these are way to much of a run-on sentence. I suggest you break some of them...
  13. Polipuff

    What do You Prefer?

    Just a quick question: For chapter fics, do you normally finish the whole thing before posting, or do you post as you finish along? Thanks.
  14. Polipuff

    Animals that aren't Pokemon yet V2

    How about a flamingo? I don't know any Pokemon that looks like a flamingo yet. However, with Alola, we might see one.
  15. Polipuff

    Worlds Collide: A Real World One-Shot Contest

    Wow, I've been lurking for some time, and I have now only seen this? It's too late for me I guess, but for the rest of you soldiers, good luck! (Oh, and btw, nice graphics!)
  16. Polipuff

    Dear Purrloin, (one-shot)

    hey, here's something interesting! But first: That book brings back so many of my primary school memories, lol. I actually wrote a complex paragraph for my class on my theory of when the SPOILER ALERT dog died. Have you read the new one, Hate That Cat? (I haven't though). Anyway, I love how...
  17. Polipuff

    Things that will probably never happen in Pokémon

    The only answer: A dark type gym (lol)
  18. Polipuff

    Rio 2016 Olympic Opinions

    Wait... But what's the difference between 100m dash and 100m freestyle for you?
  19. Polipuff

    Rio 2016 Olympic Opinions

    Really? Not even 100m sprint? You literally need to sit only for 10 seconds lol. I don't really watch basketball because the gold medal isn't really the biggest title (I think NBA Championship is), same for soccer, tennis, etc.
  20. Polipuff


    Do you not consider climatology, geology, and geography and how affected the history, culture, society, etc.? Also, as an amateur cartographer, I sometimes draw the maps.