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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    FC: 3480-2538-9594 Pokemon in my safari: Ledyba, Volbeat, Venomoth Looking for: anything, but especially Ditto and Togepi
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    Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

    fc: 3480-2538-9594 I don't know the pokemon in my safari yet, but if you add me, PM me so i can add you back.
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    I'm interested in a DWF Dratini! Thank you for the offer!!
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    Pokémon Direct Discussion

    It looks like character customization could potentially be back. If you'll notice female character in the beginning of the video has different hair than the one that is following the male character in the forest.
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    Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I would have to disagree with you about Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. I think it's possible that Regigigas is available for capture in BW2, but not the other regis. Then, if Regigigas is traded to the next two pokemon games released, it unlocks Regirock, Regice, and Registeel's locations.
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I disagree. I saw the World Tournament as an opportunity to prevent old characters from going stale and dying away, that way they can still be used in future games. I dunno if they plan on remaking RBG ever again, so I feel that they created the world tournament so that all the first gen...
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I completely forgot out this! aha. Then I hope they continue doing so. I like these little events that explain the legend behind the actual pokemon.
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I hope that in this game, even if a legendary pokemon isn't involved in the main storyline, there is still a mini-plotline that will explain more about the legendary's backstory. For example, rather than simply walking up to Cobalion and challenging it, there was a small event which led to a...
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    Expanded Pokedex Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I actually like this about having such a large regional dex. I feel like it makes things more interesting. For example, now when going through caves we can run into the Zubat, Woobat, Geodude, AND Roggenrola lines. It adds so much more diversity and keeps things feeling fresh throughout the...
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    Unova Region Discussion/Speculation Thread [Read First Post]

    I know, that's why I said usually. lol. The league could also be relocated, though. The current one is kinda old and worn at this point.
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    Unova Region Discussion/Speculation Thread [Read First Post]

    The event which causes the ice to melt could occur between the 8th gym and the league. The conclusion to the main storyline usually always happens before the league challenge
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    More than likely not. We can expect Smash to simply repeat info found out from Corocoro and the official site.
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    Unova Region Discussion/Speculation Thread [Read First Post]

    It's possible that the event which causes the ice to melt occurs pre-E4 and during our gym battle quest, opening up more areas in which gym battles could occur. Whoever said that it was challenging the E4 that caused the ice to melt?
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    BW030 - The Path to Becoming a Dragon Master! Axew VS Druddigon!!

    I really doubt there will be any captures in the episode, as some have been speculating. I think the main points will be that Axew masters Dragon Rage and possibly some more back story on Iris.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Oops, guess I had my facts wrong. haha. Thanks for answering, everyone! Wish me luck!
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Is it possible for Virizion to be shiny? I know that Reshiram/Zekrom can't be shiny unless you catch them on Dragonspiral Tower, so I just want to make sure that Virizion can be shiny before I spend time SRing for one.
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    BW 27 - Emolga?

    I'm pretty sure that Emolga will be Iris's. And if she doesn't catch it, then Bianca will. As much as I would love for Emolga to be on the main cast, I do, however, wish that they would have waited a bit longer. I want this Excadrill situation to get sorted out before Iris begins focusing...
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    Should Krokorok Be Considered One of Ash's Rivals

    I like to think of Krokorok as a rival for Pikachu so that it doesn't rot on Ash's should for the whole saga like it did in Sinnoh.
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    Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

    Serperior: Nagini (Named after Voldemort's snake....I'm a bit of a Harry Potter nerd :P ) Krookodile: Bandit (He looks like a robber, therefore he is Bandit.) Gothitelle: Excessum (It's the Latin word for "death." And it sounds cool.) Galvantula: Joule (As in James Joule. Think science...
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    Next Pokemon Thread IV: A New Hope (Use for capture/release/evolution speculation!)

    What I would like to see for Ash's team is this: Pikachu Samurott - It's about time Ash had a fully evolved water starter. Tranquill/Unfezant - I'd be satisfied with either, although I'm pretty sure Pidove will fully evolve into Unfezant. Pignite - This pokemon's design seems to scream "Ash"...