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    Who is your team's 'flyer'?

    Staraptor ....
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    Team Plans in General

    Lugia tyranatar lapras typholosion snorlax hm slave
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    Question about Pokerus

    Ok get the pokemon with virus put him in ur party and walk, after a while everyone will have it when u stop playing deposit ur party. Orelse the next u play they won't have it naymore. Keep depositing ur pokemon after playing until lv.100.
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    Arceus Ebay

    uhm u are going to get a action replay arceus.
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    it is okay.

    it is okay.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Dark pulse will make it pretty good. I would like for it to learn a move like dark void.
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    well wut about the 17th at 5pm EST?

    well wut about the 17th at 5pm EST?
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    It looks like a wolf pokemon
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    opinion on legendary origins?

    I believe there is no freaking explanation for none of there origin.
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    Most Prized Pokemon?

    not really i got most of them over wifi. I catch pokemons and then trade them over wifi for other pokemons. Never acually made hystory with them excluding elite four.
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    Pokemon Platinum Help!

    u can try nothing realy bad like damaging anything will happens. I do believe it won't work since these games don't have transalation. U can trade between games from different places that is all i kn.
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    Why didn't this pokemon get an evolution this gen?

    omg why u even care about crapy pokemon ... they don't deserve to remenber their name in my memory.
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    Stealth Rock

    Never really got that move ...
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    Your Opinion On The Hardest Colosseum

    Neon because of stupid wheel. DX Still didn't finish it.
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    What will you do differently?

    idk i never got any of the other older games, i started in Emerald.
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    Shaymin Tier?

    I believe u could. I would kill it with one hit with my Groundon.
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    Elite Four Team

    Yes i agree with sy123456789 I would teach it a ice move too.
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    My First Double Battle Tower Team

    That sounds good. Infarnape make him learn a stronger fire attack and delete blaze kick. My opinion.