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  1. SummerHaze

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I like League of Legends, I play it every day and even take part in different tournaments for players. This is useful platform for gamers https://ess.gg/lol/tournaments where I can check the statistics and watch live streaming. Team games are my favs. I enjoying this game because you never have...
  2. SummerHaze

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Finished "Wednesday" last night, really enjoyed it 8/10
  3. SummerHaze

    The last movie you saw

    Bank of Dave, enjoyable and lighthearted.
  4. SummerHaze

    How would you describe your dream house?

    I want smth similar to this one: I often heck photo blogs and pinterest to find new ideas for my interior design. I prefer to use 3d exterior rendering services from https://fortes.vision/ to see the final result. They provide interior 3D visualization for many years and can implement all...
  5. SummerHaze

    The last movie you saw

    Hobson's Choice 6/10 Its has a High rating, I have no idea why.
  6. SummerHaze

    What's your zodiac sigh?

    I'm Libra. I don't read horoscopes but I believe in Astrology (it's not the same). I happen to know my natal chart well and understand some things about astrology. Also I often check the compitability between my partner and friends here https://astromix.net/en/synastry/. The synastry can show...
  7. SummerHaze

    What apps do you use?

    Photoshop, lightroom and Luminar, the last one is my favorite. It is an alternative for photoshop for MacOS. I found tutorials for beginners here https://skylum.com/blog/how-to-create-black-background-on-your-photos . Luminar has all fundamental features like layers, masks, blending modes...
  8. SummerHaze

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Dahmer on netflix. Absolutely brilliant, and damn he was messed up.
  9. SummerHaze

    The last movie you saw

    Fall 6/10 was a decent watch, 2 girls stuck on a high tower
  10. SummerHaze

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I play Overwatch, I like this game, it takes much more brainpower and quick thinking than just relying on mechanical skill. The fact that Ш can communicate with your team makes it more fun and entertaining. Plus I found boosting service at https://overwatch-boosting.com/ with its help I can get...
  11. SummerHaze

    The last movie you saw

    Watched Nope! Was not very good but watchable.
  12. SummerHaze

    How to build a website?

    tnx for replies! I decided to take fullstack dev course at https://goit.global/us/ to learn how to build websites like a pro. I can combine this 10 months course with my day work, so convy. They offer theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and can help me to improve my coding skills...
  13. SummerHaze

    Thoughts about cryptocurrency

    I've put about 1% each in BTC and ETH (currently valued more). I consider that my speculative/fun pile.
  14. SummerHaze

    What are you studing in college/high school?

    that's interesting. I'm a final year students right now (I study Computer Science). Right now I combine work and study and working on autobiographical essay. Luckily I found writing service to help me with my writings. They are pro in writing and proofreading and always help me with my...
  15. SummerHaze

    How do you cope with stress?

    What is your most effective way to deal with stress?
  16. SummerHaze

    What's your favorite book ?

    I like books about relationships, my fav is men are mars women are venus. This book has become a book of significant cultural influence. I read an interview with it's author John Gray on Headway Media recently. There are so many interesting articles about different topics, esp i like book...
  17. SummerHaze

    What Series Are You Watching?

    I'm watching the Witcher. 9/10
  18. SummerHaze

    The last movie you saw

    I watched Night Teeth last night, I wasn't expecting much from reviews but I quite enjoyed it. I do love me some good vampire stuff though so that probably raises the score over the average person. I thought the cast was good but the ending was a bit too predictable 7/10
  19. SummerHaze

    Official "What Game(s) Should I Get?" Topic

    I play Counter-Strike and Dark Souls, love fighting games with interesting plot. I found may cool games at https://irongamers.ru/sale/. I can play digital keys or accounts to the new games and play different games every day. Playing new games is even more entertaining for me and the best part is...