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  1. J

    Veneno Oscuridad

    It's Sharpedo? right bro beans?
  2. J

    Pokemon That Didn't Interest You, But Now You Love

    I would say for me, Riolu/Lucario. In 4th gen. I always felt like you received the Riolu egg fairly late and I just never put much use to it. Once BW2 came out and you could capture Riolu at a fairly early stage in the game I did just so and loved it. Lucario does some nice *** kicking and...
  3. J

    What is the most painful experience you've ever had?

    Tore the labrum in my hip while at full sprint. Dropped me like an infant. I've never experienced anything else really close to that.
  4. J

    Where have you been?

    US: New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Ohio California Minnesota Other: Canada The Bahamas Hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of some studying abroad opportunities in college this year and hit up some more countries!
  5. J

    The Hip Hop Thread - for the nerds that think they're black

    Busta Rhymes new track featuring Eminem. Opinions anyone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cklwGaNKMCo
  6. J

    Sports you do during free time.

    I play basketball downtown most every day. Not much else to do in a smaller town so when we can get big crews to come down we get some nice 3 v 3 tournament type games going. Also if going to the gym to lift is a sport than I also do that on the daily. Last summer a bunch of friends and I...
  7. J

    Getting "Crap" past the radar

    I feel as though this video has probably already been posted, or at least the main thing in Rocko's Modern Life has got to have been mentioned already but just in case I'll post it. This video is full of various jokes we didn't understand as children, but the very best is to skip to the last...
  8. J

    Pokemon Partner Lifestyle

    I think I'd choose a Growlithe. It'd be just like having your dog with you on a journey, and when it evolves into Arcanine you could like ride it and ****
  9. J

    Veneno Oscuridad

    Hopefully activity should be going up from this point on now that summer has officially started. John Wallrein should be getting back in action now :p
  10. J

    The Star Wars Thread

    Just saw that Disney released that out of all Star Wars merchandise, toy lightsabers are the biggest item. Anyone else have toy lightsabers? Because I know me personally, as a younger child had at least one of every color :p
  11. J

    Veneno Oscuridad

    Hey guys, sorry haven't active in a while. Real busy this time of year but in a couple weeks I should be back!
  12. J

    I made a post a while back about it, not sure when though :p A couple weeks or so and things...

    I made a post a while back about it, not sure when though :p A couple weeks or so and things will be much less hectic :p
  13. J

    Hey, sorry I'm really busy with work, finals, sports, graduation stuff, parties and so on so I...

    Hey, sorry I'm really busy with work, finals, sports, graduation stuff, parties and so on so I can't get on hardly ever. Once everything settles down I should be back at it :p
  14. J

    Veneno Oscuridad

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around in a while, been real busy. Once baseball's over and schools out I should have a lot more free time and be around more!
  15. J

    1st/2nd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    All sound good, I'll accept them! That's 3/6!
  16. J

    1st/2nd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    I'd like to start a scramble in Yellow version. Only requirement is I have one of the starters!
  17. J

    Favorite Animal?

    The cheetah. Sleek looking and crazy fast makes them the cooliest.
  18. J

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    My first ever encounter with a shiny occurred in my first run through of my Diamond version. It was a bidoof and I had no Pokeballs with me so I just had to watch it die with no hopes of capturing it... Bad day. Since then I did another play through of Ruby version and in that I encountered a...
  19. J

    Veneno Oscuridad Tournaments

    Lost in a Bo3 to Mchearth, gg's
  20. J

    NBA/NCAAB Thread

    Anyone catch the Bad Boys 30 for 30? It enjoyed it. I guess it is for the better of the game itself that they crack down harder on the unnecessary physicality but damn it must've been exciting watching them play and I'd love to see some games played now a days the way they did.