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  1. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [RP Thread] (R)

    Agatha Pridmore [Samayouru] – You decide to go out and see your dad, which sounds a lot better than just staying huddled up in bed. You tug at the collar of your shirt. Even here in this corridor the air is as cold as a meat locker, which just makes the thought of winter in July feel even more...
  2. Samayouru

    So Farla over on FF.net decided to tear The Impassive God to pieces. Makes me really appreciate...

    So Farla over on FF.net decided to tear The Impassive God to pieces. Makes me really appreciate the comments I've gotten on the forums here a lot more haha.
  3. Samayouru

    The Impassive God [REWRITE - PG-15]

    So as a side note both chapters 1 and 2 already had rough outlines all ready to be turned into first drafts when I started writing, so from this moment on chapters will probably take a bit more time – but will most likely be more thoroughly polished...
  4. Samayouru

    The Impassive God [REWRITE - PG-15]

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 01: COGNISANCE (Right here!) ------------------------------- The Impassive God 01 COGNISANCE Phillip Heath was late. Or at least he assumed that he was late. It was hard to tell when the smartphone that he’d sworn he’d placed on the rickety bedside table last night had...
  5. Samayouru

    Camp Ever After

    I think I'm done! Decided to go with a different fairy tale in the end. Name: Carlotta Lombardi Alias/Nickname: Lottie, Little Lottie (by her father) The Coachman’s Daughter Parent(s): Emanuele Lombardi, AKA: “The Coachman”. Age: 16 Gender: Female Appearance: Lottie’s appearance is both a...
  6. Samayouru

    Olympus High: A Boarding School for Demi-Gods and Heroes (rated R)

    All right, I'm in. Would you put me down for a demi-god reserve with Persephone and Hades as the parents please? Thanks in advance!
  7. Samayouru

    Camp Ever After

    All right, I'm in. Put me down for a reserve if that's okay? And if we can reserve a particular fairy tale character can I go for the Beast from Beauty and the Beast? Thanks in advance!
  8. Samayouru

    Digimon: The Seven Seals Ver. 2.0 (PG-13) [RPG Thread]

    Maddison Pellerzi Arts Festival, the Artists/Writers Alley (Group 1) Maddie glanced around, taking in the sea of people around her, and then at last a familiar face came into view. It was one of her dorm mates – the French girl with the long black hair (Amélie if she recalled correctly). She...
  9. Samayouru

    Getting, Skipping or Canceling Pre-Orders (Poll)

    Skipping as well. I'm getting really tired of visiting Kanto yet again, and the return of the hand-holding, make everything easy for the player experience the new pokemon games are known for doesn't help. And besides, there's no Gary Oak to be seen. Kanto won't be the same without him!
  10. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [Sign-Ups] (R)

    GoldenHouhou - Okay wow that history is dark. yes, good, that's what I like to see. Accepted.
  11. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [RP Thread] (R)

    Something is wrong. You hadn’t really noticed it at first – sleep tends to dull the senses like that. It’s only after you rub your eyes and start your morning routine that you finally realise how cold your surroundings are. How odd… of course you try to rationalise this sudden chill. Perhaps...
  12. Samayouru

    The Willdron Island Pokemon Research Facility Tragedy (R) Sign-Ups

    And with that Agatha's ready to go!
  13. Samayouru

    Scary/creepy/weird stuff in Pokémon (games, anime, manga etc.)

    "And now it's time for some O-Power bonding." "B O N D W I T H M E, P O K E M O N T R A I N E R." Sorry, couldn't resist. Believe it or not, something I find reeeaaallly creepy is how, well, nice people are to you in the later games. It can be really unsettling when you approach people in...
  14. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [Sign-Ups] (R)

    Hydrangea - Everything looks fine! Accepted! Skillfulness - Looks good. Accepted!
  15. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [Sign-Ups] (R)

    Skillfulness - Of course, reserve noted. Hydrangea - Could I get you to change one of the two fully evolved pokemon in your team to its previous form (I know Manetric can become a mega but those are off limits so I consider those pokemon fully evolved)? Other than that everything looks great!
  16. Samayouru

    Carefree Worries - A Silent Hill/Pokemon RP [Sign-Ups] (R)

    “In my restless dreams, I see that town…” It’s high summer – the peak of the tourist season – and Sinnoh is teeming with places for people to visit both old and new. For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies there are the icy hills of Snowpoint that boast the best skiing resorts around...
  17. Samayouru

    Digimon: The Seven Seals Ver. 2.0 (PG-13) [RPG Thread]

    Maddison Pellerzi Aquinas Dormitory, 3rd Floor Maddie put on her best smile. “It’s no problem at all,” she said and came down a couple of steps to grab the other end of the girl’s suitcase. “Ready? Heave!” It wasn’t long before Maddie’s forehead began to moisten with sweat. The suitcase itself...
  18. Samayouru

    The Best Part of your Day

    Got to go down to my local river and do some amber hunting today! I found some lovely pieces too, some of them look like glowing coals. They're definitely going into my collection!
  19. Samayouru

    The Legendary Awakening ❧ The Second Awakening (RP Thread)

    Phoebe Eliot Mewtwo Cerulean City, Kanto It was colder than usual in the caverns this time. Phoebe could tell because she could see her breath rising up like steam. She would’ve taken note of her skin breaking out into gooseflesh too, but that was something that always happened when she had...
  20. Samayouru

    If you're a real gamer. Name 30 games.

    Oh it's on! As an added challenge I'm going to try and only pick one game from each franchise I list for fun. 1. Touhou 6 - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 2. Pokemon Platinum 3. Banjo-Kazooie 4. Terraria 5. The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind 6. Mario Tennis 7. Tetris 8. Monster Rancher 9...