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    300+ New Avatars

    I love some of the expression in these. They're great. ^^
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    How old are you pokemon fans?

    21. Started ever since the very first pilot episode.
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    Eye Color

    Dark Brown. Nothing special.
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    [ F l o u r e s c e n t . S k i e s ]

    Dangit, missed it again. Still, Blastoise/Klinklang is really great. o.O
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    A Gamefreak Wish

    Increase the number of moves to 5.
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    Dimensions of Darkness Book 3: The Explorers of the Beyond

    It's been a while since I've read this; late with the read but still keeping up with the chapters. Shiftry, huh.... It's been a long time since we've last heard about Treasure Town or what became of it. In fact, I don't even know what happened afterwards since "Explorers of the Core". O.O
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    Plethora of new Avatars

    Lulz, IKR?! We need them ponies in here nao. XD /end off topic Dream World 'mons! This kind of art were fantastic the minute I saw them. It was too bad that we didn't have them in the serebii forums database... UNTIL NOW! Thanks a bunch, Joe! *goes off to get DW Cresselia*
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    How is one suppose to obtain their designated Eeveelution? I've tried Dream World for about 20 min (played around with it for a short time (I befriended myself a Stantler and withdraw 1 item)) but haven't able to find my Eeveelution.
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    How many adults out there actually play Pokemon?

    In my early 20s and still following the franchise. There should be a poll.
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    Dimensions of Darkness Book 3: The Explorers of the Beyond

    Ah, so it was just me then. Anyways, Roger dodger; I was referring it to a sub-game called 'Roger Dodger' from the 'After Dark Games' for the PC. It's a really old PC game released in the late 1990s. I have a knack for classic arcade games that's why. Again my mistake. ^^; Back on topic...
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    Dimensions of Darkness Book 3: The Explorers of the Beyond

    How unfortunate for Dragonite to be haunted by spirits. So I'm guessing Dragonite has done some bad deeds in his past that he's been regretting and now being haunted by them. My thoughts. Hey, I know what you did here. Is this a certain hint of a certain "thing" that I'm thinking of? Or was...
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    Dodging Trainers

    Dodging Trainers: Walk. Don't Run. They can't see you if you don't move run. I only avoid when I need to get back to the center or when I want to hit the next city to have quick access for them later. Then I go back and kick their behinds.
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    The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour (Rated PG)

    I completely forgot about your Variety Hour. It's still as witty as ever. The character placement for the Unova starters fits them exceptionally well. It's exactly how I'd pictured their personalities to be. Great show, even if it did lack an interview. Wasn't much of a hassle for me to...
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    Dreams by the Yard Full (665)

    This episode felt like it was rushed. I'm glad that they left us with a cliff hanger on last weeks episode but at the same time sadden that they had to cut out much of screen time with Munna & Musharna. Cilan deciding to join Ash on his journey; That's great! I wonder how this connoisseur...
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    What is/will be your team?

    This is what I got planned for my Black adventures. I'm going with looks for my first time Unova adventure experience . Snivy - Serperior Pidove - Unfezant Tirtouga - Carracosta Zorua - Zoroark Mienfoo - Mienshao Golett - Golurk Not much of a team. Might regret it but hey, live and...
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    Which Starter Will You Pick? (and Why?)

    Snivy all the way. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. So I just have to have it. Plus, I favor all the Grass type starters the most. Heck it might even become my top favorite starter, pushing Treecko in 2nd place. o.O
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    BW Release - New Forums + New Ranks

    The new ranks I won't be reaching anytime soon at this rate. New sub-forums are awesome. Going to be visiting them soon once I've got my Black version obtained.
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    Dimensions of Darkness Book 3: The Explorers of the Beyond

    Very good chapter! And here I thought Darkrai was real, you had me fooled. Excellent use of Zoroark. Gothitelle, Froslass and Mismagius. I wonder who those three will relate too. As if I already knew. But just to be safe, I'm keeping an open mind. Might pull another Zoroark on me. <.<...
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    Dimensions of Darkness Book 3: The Explorers of the Beyond

    You're back! Hooray. *fanfare* My excitement died weeks ago as you haven't replied back for about 2 months but I can understand. Holiday keeps one busy and the aftermath of it all really takes its toll. Anyways, excellent chapter. Been edging for some Piplup/Chimchar action. As well as...
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    The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice (663)

    Both great and amusing episode. What I found most amusing was the Umbreon references they have added to this theft scheme. Being an Umbreon fan such as myself, I found those moments gleeful and hilarious. Especially what they did to Meowth. That was just too much (in a good way). I just...