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  1. Wolf Goddess

    what should i call it

    This is an English speaking forum. Please ask your question in a legible way. Danke sehr. :)
  2. Wolf Goddess

    What will your team be?

    Because that's the purpose of the entire RMT forum. -Gesperrt
  3. Wolf Goddess

    Exact date for US release?

    Okay, this has been answered: no, it's not known. -Gesperrt
  4. Wolf Goddess

    Lol... Team Galaxy are Cheapskates!

    Recent Happenings thread. :/ Thank you everyone, for biting the guy's heads off as you SPAM in trying to mini-mod. -Gesperrt
  5. Wolf Goddess

    Perappu's english name

    Okay, this thread is pointless. Yes, Wikipedia is not the end-all trump card of information some people think it is. So, since we have no other way to prove or disprove this... -Gesperrt
  6. Wolf Goddess

    which starter will u get?

    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=171443 -Gesperrt
  7. Wolf Goddess

    A question

    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=176715 -Gesperrt
  8. Wolf Goddess

    hardest and weirdest ays to get shinies

    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=154689 -Gesperrt
  9. Wolf Goddess

    Favorite pokemon of each gen

    Just divide them by generation in your posts here. -Gesperrt
  10. Wolf Goddess

    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    Seeing as you guys don't realize this: THIS IS NOT A CHAT THREAD. Guten tag.
  11. Wolf Goddess

    Release date?

    We don't know. It's that simple. It's better to be honest and tell you "2007" than make up a date just to make you happy, is it not? :rolleyes: -Gesperrt
  12. Wolf Goddess

    Official Signature Check Thread

    ziakra: It's fine. FlygonXS: It's fine. Random_Word: It's fine. Nightdawn: Give credit for the Gardevoir pic you used as a background on the Trainer Card.
  13. Wolf Goddess

    Could someone tell me if these guys are related? o_0

    If you don't know anything, don't post. It's not that hard.
  14. Wolf Goddess

    I'm back from the future!

    Aye, we had good times thinking of ideas...very good times. Good to have you back.
  15. Wolf Goddess

    Diamond pearl trades

    Fixed. -Gesperrt
  16. Wolf Goddess

    level 2 evo with move final form pkmn

    Yeah. ... Hmm, nothing much to discuss, to be honest. -Gesperrt
  17. Wolf Goddess


    Indeed there is. Not that your comment helped him nor anyone else actually find it. -Gesperrt
  18. Wolf Goddess

    Signature Rules

    Let me make something clear: we are human. The fact you've gotten away with something for X amount of time doesn't give you an excuse to moan when you're caught. This is directed at everyone who's tried to use that excuse.
  19. Wolf Goddess

    Official Trading Thread

  20. Wolf Goddess

    Wifi showoffs

    Thanks for the warning, but as there's really nothing in our power to do, nor anything to discuss except panic over hypothetical situations... -Gesperrt