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    Gen 7 RNG thread?

    Haven't posted in forever and came looking for help but I can't find what I'm looking for. Is there a thread for RNG abusing gen 7 games? Maybe it's cause I'm on mobile but I just can't find it and the search function was extremely unhelpful. I saw the gen 5 RNG thread was still alive and...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    HOLY CRACKERS Ok so I was chaining Oricorios in melemele meadow, looking for good IVed birds to breed and make a flawless fire dancer (I'm planning a solo Oricorio solo run in Moon) ... and a frigging shiny one pops up after about 21 SOS calls. Can't take pics bc my camera is broken so feel...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I am soooo depressed right now. Now that the game is out in the US people have confirmed that shiny alolan starters aren't visible from the initial cutscene. Which means a single reset is probably going to take almost 4 minutes... so much for my plans to start with a shiny Litten. Nah. When I...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Aaaaand now I'm not sure what to do. I've always been dead set on picking Rowlet, because Decidueye is possibly the coolest concept design I've ever seen in the series (even though I'm disappointed it's not a flying type) but... After I saw shiny Incineroar I can't stop thinking about it. I'm...
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    Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

    After seeing all of the demo datamine finds, I'll probably stick with
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    HOLY BLOOMING CRUD they look amazing. Too bad they're probably fake. But if they aren't.... 1) Milotic step the fluck down, you are no longer the beautiful mermaid queen of pokémon anymore. THIS would def be my pick. I would worship this beautiful princess till the end of my days. 2) Wow...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Fell in love with Rowlet right away, but Popplio is also starting to grow on me. The only one that doesn't appeal to me at all is Litten. Ugliest starter ever imo.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I've just undusted my old copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf, and kinda got obsessed with furniture and room decor all over again. Man, I really should get the HHA spin-off. Too bad I'll be writing my final essay for the year for the next two weeks, and literally two days after the deadline...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    What was "ReBurst" style? Honestly imo human-pokémon fusions would be a lot easier to swallow if they don't impact the monster's design. That's honestly my only real concern. If every single pokemon takes on a different appearance depending on which trainer it fuses with, then there could...
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    What is your favorite rival of the 5th Gen?

    I'd say Hugh, but just because N doesn't really count as a rival imo.
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    the pokemon chain game

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    If your pokemon was like Ash-Greninja

    As much as i loathe the very idea of poké-human fusions.... Altaria, no doubt. I keep changing my mind about who's in my top 10 but Altaria is the only one who's always on top. Although I have no idea how I'd change its design to make him look like "me".
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    What is your favorite Kalos starter?

    Fennekin. I just love Delphox so much. Favourite starter of all time. The wait for X and Y would've been sooooo much harder to bear if I knew we were getting a badass fox wizard for a starter <3
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    Caption the Above Picture

    Tfw your friend makes up excuses for cancelling on you at the last minute
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    Indifferent. Klefki.
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    extremely wrong answers to general questions

    A wine sauce that's missing a v Why does fire burn?
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    Have You Ever?

    I have. One or two vids showcasing some creations I made in a game editor. About 7 years ago. And that's it. Have you read an entire book trilogy in one week?
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    Name Changes Thread - Read the entire first post

    Current Username: Absol Wings New Username: Lulu_used_SunnyDay
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    For old fans only, do you still watching the Pokemon anime?

    Nope. It's the only pokémon related thing that I dropped as soon as I was outside its target audience. I watched Lucario's movie after I was told it was "soooooooooo good", but that's about it.