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    My favorite character is either Sue, Kurt, or Mercedes. Sue and Mercedes I like cus they got attitude. But Kurt was epic in the episode where he gets the whole football team to dance Single Ladies lol. And I must admit that the cameo by Kristin Chenowith was a great part of the show too...
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    How do you eat your noodles??

    With Ramen, I just stick a fork in and pull up the noodles and shove them in my mouth. With fine Italian pastas, I either twirl it around my fork (spaghetti), cut it with a knife and fork (lasagna) or spike it onto my fork (ravioli and many other pastas)
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    My group of friends is weird, we talk about the most random things in the beginning of the conversation and then go off on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about in the beggining. And I guess I could technically be called "socially awkward" though it's mostly...
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    Komodo Dragon?
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    Animal Cruelty

    I hate animal cruelty and think it should be stopped. Especially the puppy farms. Poor dogs :(
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    At what age did you guys start smoking weed?

    I never have, but I may try it eventually out of curiousity. Then again, I might never try it just cus I might not feel like it.
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    I have a dream

    Oh look it's a religious troll. Plus tl;dr
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    What slipped past you?

    I always read Pacifidlog as Pacifilidog... until I saw this discussion :D
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    Fates Worse than Death

    Being forced to watch Disney Channel shows and listen to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers singing for all eternity. That would be a horrible fate *shudders*
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    JUst wonderin..

    The Officer Jennys would come and save us! That or a ten-year-old kid with a Pikachu.
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    JUst wonderin..

    I'd get a Totodile, then I'd go around the world building an awesome team. And then I'd finally go on a search for the Legendaries, and try to catch all of the Legendaries.
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    Anime Character Face Off

    I guess I shall vote for Konata this time
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    Raikou, Entei, Suicune; Legendary Cats or Dogs?

    Wow. Another one? Entei = A Lion/Dog, Raikou = A Tiger, and Suicune = Panther/Wolf IMO and I think they're the Legendary Beasts
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    Anime Character Face Off

    I shall vote for Kaoru
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    [ F l o u r e s c e n t . S k i e s ]

    This Munchkin would like a Banner Image + This Style + Dreary or desolate Text + Can you overcome the Darkness? Colour Preference + Shades of white, black and grey on Sora, but leave the Keyblades the same color as they are.
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    Anime Character Face Off

    Tomoyo must win~
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    The Evil Game

    *Fills Blastoise's movespots with Splash and gives it to the NP*
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    Anime Character Face Off

    Tomoyo lol
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    What your favorite manga and why?

    FullMetal Alchemist is, and always will be, my favorite manga. Everything about it is extremely interesting and original. And of course Envy is still a very popular villain.
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    Gene Simmons' son plagarizes "Bleach"

    The only obvious difference is that one is colored. But seriously, if you're going to copy one of the most popular mangas in the world, at least try to be subtle about it.