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  1. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Shade, I highly doubt that you invented the colour splash technique. On another note, I agree, Heatmor is highly underrated! D:
  2. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    If I was any good at battling, I'd join in. But alas I've never trained competitively before D:
  3. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Wait, so why did you ask me to comment...? xD; I'm confuuused Do you have Photoshop? Transparency is easy, the simplest way is probably the magic eraser tool.
  4. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Woah, did you draw that? o__o It's amazing
  5. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Hey sorry I haven't posted guys! I've been a little busy at college this week, but I'm definitely still here~
  6. J

    Who's your favorite of the Sacred Beasts

    To be honest, I don't really like any of them... But Tornadus looks the most interesting I guess.
  7. J

    If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]

    I'd love to be a gym leader/elite four member, to be honest, I'd love the respect and recognition. B) Type? Probably steel or electric. And if I was a Pokemon I would be Lugia. No need for elaboration.
  8. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    I'm up for the tourney idea.
  9. J

    Worst Legendary Pokemon?

    Phione or Heatran. :/
  10. J

    Pikachu is not a mouse!

    I always thought Pikachu was more like a rabbit...
  11. J

    The "Ugh I hate when people do this" thread

    ^ This Especially when it's so bright it illuminates the entire theatre. I also hate when people get pissed off when their favourite bands become more popular, and then start hating on that band. If you like the music, what does it matter, just be happy they're doing well for themselves.
  12. J

    Bad things you do.

    I don't read the terms and conditions. Thug life.
  13. J

    He/she be checking me out?

    I'm awful at being able to tell if someone's flirting with/interested in me. :| All my friends call me oblivious.
  14. J

    If you were a Gym Leader or Elite Four, what type of pokemon would you use?

    I'd go for steel and use; Aggron Skarmory Metagross Steelix Scizor Magnaton I love these guys, I did a monotype runthrough with them on my Sapphire game. xD
  15. J

    Who Did you Choose

    Mudkip, because I always go for the water starter. <3
  16. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Bye Hokage! ): Now I really am the only Sky member. I agree, but what can we do? I've never been in a clan before so I'm not exactly an expert on reviving, all the same I'll do whatever needs doing.
  17. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    Yeah I meant apart from the division leaders.
  18. J

    The Hoenn Triangle

    So am I the only Sky member...? Haha xD
  19. J

    Top 3 worst pokemon designes

    Trubbish, Vanillite and Conkeldurr. Oh and Drowzee freaks me right the hell out. :\
  20. J

    What is your favorite Diamond/Pearl pokemon and why?

    Garchomp and Luxray. <3 They're epic.