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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I do still believe Game Freak is running out of ideas on new Pokemon designs, sadly. Seems as though they're just going through the backlog of old, discarded designs for some. I thought that long-necked Exeggutor looked familiar, and turns out it does, there was a design extremely similar to...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    The differences with those Pokemon is, they're different Pokemon. Mega evolutions and Alola forms are just different versions of the same Pokemon. I dunno, I prefer complete new species or new, genuine evolutions to older Pokemon over simple temporary mega evolutions. I do like the new forms, as...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I have to say, it really feels like they've been struggling for new ideas for designs with Pokemon ever since they've just started revamping old Pokemon with mega evolutions, and now there's new forms of older Pokemon. I do actually quite like the new designs so far though, and I kinda expected...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    I have a habit of always trying to pick Pokemon I've never used before for my main team whenever playing through a Pokemon game. Most of the time, I look at stats over aesthetics, so I've had a fair few slightly less than "pretty" Pokemon in my teams over the years. Stats and what not aside...
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    Around how old were you when you joined SPPF and how was it different?

    I originally joined this site when I was 12 as well, 9 years ago now. I never really used the forums much till around 2011, which I think was the peak of my activity. I was mostly using the forums to look for trading partners as I was on one of my many attempts to fully complete the Pokedex...
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    Things that grind your gears!

    I think most of my pet peeves when it comes to Pokemon have mostly been "fixed" as the generations have gone by. There's plenty of things that bug me in Red/Blue/Yellow, but many of its annoyances are long gone in the 6th gen. As such, I'll just list the stuff that still grinds my gears in the...
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    The End of Third versions?

    It doesn't seem like third games of a generation are the "trend" any more, I doubt there'll be a third version to Sun and Moon. I personally don't really mind, Black and White 2 were a bit of surprise, but I'm glad they decided to continue the storyline, rather than just revamping and sprucing...
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    Is Pokémon less popular than it used to be?

    I remember when I was a kid (around ages 4-9), I noticed a lot of Pokemon merch sold literally everywhere: There was Pokemon cereal, tins of Pokemon spaghetti, boxes of Pokemon macaroni, Pokemon plush toys, Pokemon hairclips, Pokemon figures, Pokemon clothing, Pokemon TCG cards, Pokemon toys and...
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    Not sure if I'd still be saying the same thing 5 years later, but I'm a lot more "secure" in myself as a person now than I was when I posted this originally (16). Ironically, I don't hear phrases like "you're too old" as much any more now, you get to that point where you're too old to be...
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    #648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

    Looking for any Meloetta. Can offer any of the Gamestop shiny beast trio (Entei, Suicune, Raikou), lv.100 event Regigigas, UT shiny Charmander and Torchic, as well as a couple other Pokemon that may be laying around in my boxes somewhere.
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    Yeah, I was suspicious, especially since it was in a master ball. Pity. :/
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    Pokemon Species: Jirachi Nickname: None OT: PATRICK OT Gender: Male IDno: 21210 Shiny?: No EV's: Unknown IV's: Unknown Nature: Quiet Characteristic: Alert to sounds. Ability: Serene Grace Moves: Wish, Confusion, Rest Level Caught at: 5 Current Level: 5 Stats: 16 Attack, 15 Defense...
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    #647 Keldeo

    Edit: Trade completed.
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    Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]

    Thanks for clearing that up, I was going to sell the cards in a bundle on Ebay and just wanted to make sure they were authentic before I listed them.
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    Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]

    Hi, I've got some cards from the EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm and EX Dragon sets that have the 'E-Reader' codes at the bottom. However, I've also got some cards from all the same sets that are exactly the same, but don't have the E-Reader codes at the bottom. I was wondering if this meant...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Are 1st edition Pokemon trading figures worth something? First of all, I just want to say that I wasn't really sure where to post this, I was going to post it in the TCG forum, but I wasn't too sure if it belongs there. So apologies if this is in the wrong place and please move this thread if...
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    BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!! Does the Bible have a legitimate place in modern debate?

    Call me stupid, but you're actually going to have to point out those unsubstantiated rumours for me cause I don't recall ever typing any out. I just said I believe people should make their own opinions, whether or not those opinions are based on facts doesn't really matter, they're opinions. I...
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Eelektrik --- Ghost_MissingNo --- November 13, 2011
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    BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!! Does the Bible have a legitimate place in modern debate?

    The Bible has been translated so many times now that a lot of the verses don't even say what they originally said anyway. In my honest opinion, people should just learn to develop opinions of their own instead of letting a book do the talking for them. The Bible to me is no different than a...