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    Forever & Again

    Oh no. In no way do I mean to blame you but the 'specific employee' who apologized for him replying late in the shop. Thank you very much.
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    Forever & Again

    Hey. Someone here is dropping the ball. I've waited over a month, and have politely PM'd the one said to be doing my order. Tons of other stuff has gone through and this has slipped. I'm not the only one and i think its high time you guys figure out some organizational skills. This shop is...
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    ;015; 15 ;015;
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    ;013; 13 ;013;
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    The feeling of opening a pack

    I totally get that. The worst is what happened last week. I weeded out some black and white packs for cheap for a friend from walmart. one for me, one for him. I spent a long time using deductive reasoning. and my pack pulled the 115/114 pikachu. I was exstatic with my choice, but not seeing...
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    The ability to communicate over wi-fi In a way such to have like, a clan almost with perks. Kind of like the pass orb powers, but the points are influenced by clan goals.
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    Should Pkmn Games be harder?

    it really misses the mark, and sounds really hardcore. Above the 'target audience'. Even the crossovers are developed for easy play (rumble= jam A button, sometimes B). The thing with pokemon that always made it appeal to other audiences is it can be as complex or non complex as youd like. So a...
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Where does the water for surf come from when used on dry land? And if its magic then WHY CANT MAGIKARP USE IT TO HURT THINGS.
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    Do you think Pokemon Cross overs should be ended?

    I think theyre worth. Because people buy them, so they keep getting releases. Because people keep "trying" them. And its always fun to do things like "control" and "be" the pokemon in different ways. ^_^
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    Pokémon Rumble Blast Discussion Thread

    Its really repetetive.. I mean..I beat it. And I've wanted to do something like complete the dex. But it dies after replaying 5 worlds. Kinda stale, but better than the original 5/10
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    Lavender town theme

    Anyone talking about LTS. There's a billion versions. and theyre all fake. If you search it on youtube. People tend to edit the sound to make it more uneasy, as well as pictures. If there was any sort of death/injury from it gamefreak would have announced something, and nothing was said of this...
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    universal darkrai engine

    Hm..seems like id add a mandi at least, the one from black and white meshes well.
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    The feeling of opening a pack

    Everytime I go to my collectible store nearby, they sell singles as well as packs. Even though they have a single i need id much prefer to buy the pack even though i know ill probably get skunked. And when i buy some, i always cant wait to buy more. What I'd like to know is how you feel about...
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    What was in you last booster?

    Pulled a full art ho-oh EX. Love the look but couldnt it be a giratina or something? :P
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    Are these fake cards?

    Ive seen these in china and in flea markets. and theyre fakes in my experience. They arent uncommon in my experience, unless ive found many hidden gems..
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    universal darkrai engine

    Question. whats the purpose of vullaby?..
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    Rate my deck

    23 is excessive in any competetive or fun play. you will drown. Now, where to start. Anything that doesnt have the potential to fully evolve? get rid of it. for example. your samurott line. currently you have three osha 2 dewo and 1 samur. assuming you dont have more (not that it matters) id...
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    Dragons exlatred

    Ive been looking at that one. comboing it with beautifly or bibarel (blocks attacks and retreat). Just an idea. :D
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    Who misses RSE and Hoenn?!

    No reason to miss it..ithasnt gone anywhere.
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    Holy bargain!!!!

    This. Also black and white packs. its where i pulled 115/114 pikachu. :3