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    Community POTW #101

    I absolutely love Thundurus, and with the addition of Therian form in OU, he can wreck almost everything. As fast as lightning Thundurus-T @ Life Orb/Focus Sash Modest 164HP/252Sp.Attk/88Speed 30/31/30/31/31/31 ~Agility ~Thunderbolt/Thunder ~HP Ice ~Focus Blast This Thundurus absolutely smashes...
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    Community POTW #97

    Ok, for the Pre-Evo Corner, Teddiursa actually has fairly decent coverage. Don't Call Me A Koala Bear!(Pun because I am Australian) Jolly@Toxic Orb Quick Feet 196Att/196Spe/116HP OR SP.D -Facade -Crunch -Close Combat -Swords Dance/Protect Teddiursa's Facade, when boosted by the Toxic Orb, is one...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Does anyone know if the encounter rates for the Pokemon found in the Hidden Hollows have their own percentage encounter? I get the 20% chance of there being a Pokemon, but then are there percentages on top of that? I have been searching the Route 18 Hollow and have not seen a Dragonite over 3...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Hi, question about the Reflecting/Altering Mirror: I obtained a Therian Form Landorus off a friend who has the Dream Radar. However, when I take it to the Altering Shrine in Black 2, the event for the old man to give you the Mirror does not occur. Does anyone know why this is? Does it need to...
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    First Team

    Ok, first major rate of your team. Not bad, but could be a lot better. To begin with, Ninetales usually wants more defensive EV's than that, especially if you want a chance to pull off a weather changing Sunny Day or a crippling Will'o'Wisp. Leftovers, as an item is good, but Air Balloon can...
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    Bring In the Sun!!! Venusaur team

    First of all, is this in-game or simulators? Because with the shift with BW2 move tutors, more options are available for some of your Pokemon. Also I haven't played competitively for months so you can treat a grain of sand with more respect than my advice. Ninetales: Good, Solarbeam on...
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    Discussion of Serebii.net Black 2 & White 2 Discovery Thread

    Programing Glitch found in Giant Chasm: some guy on Tumblr found it after the Ghetsis Battle, but before the Elite 4. Apparently allows you to walk through the entire row of trees to the grass on the other side.
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    Ok, Thanks. I will make changes accordingly. Also, how are the EV's for each of my 'mons, especially Lickilicky whom I made my own EV set. Edit: What move should I remove in order to make room for Leech Seed? And which of Protect/Taunt should I use?
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    Wow, thanks for the compliment. I never thought I could make such a good team, even if it is in the early hours of rating. This is my first doubles team, so I am surprised I have gone so well. Fair enough people don't want to give their strategies, it is just that VGC isn't supported in...
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    Bumping- 24hrs, 2nd page and no rates. Come on people!!
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    Optimism (VGC/IT Doubles Team) After helping someone out with a team of theirs, and some extra external research, I decided to try my hand at this VGC/IT team. The reasoning behind this team is simple: there are a few Pokemon blessed by Nintendo with excellent Base Stats, however are cursed by...
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    My Planned VGC12 Team...

    Just looking at the two teams that you have made, adding elements from each could prove to be effective. Leading with the Regigigas and Whimsicott can be a good set up lead, getting rid of Slow Start first turn. Then you could have the Physical SS Kingdra for Rain, and Chandelure for the Sun...
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    My Planned VGC12 Team...

    Just a quick question, what is it about Slaking that makes it so much more desirable over Regigigas? Yes it has higher HP, and also has access to Pursuit, however Regi and Slaking have the same base Attack and Speed, and Regigigas has higher overall defences. For the strategy that you are...
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    My Planned VGC12 Team...

    Sorry, but the Prankster-Worry Seed strategy won't work. The only move that removes Truant is Gastro Acid, which isn't learnt by any Pranksters. Slow-Start, however, is removed by Worry Seed, so that may be an alternative route.
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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    Special Sheer Force or Mixed is usually used. Landorus@Life Orb Timid/Naive 252Sp.Att/252Speed/4HP or Attack Sheer Force -Earth Power -Hidden Power (Ice) -Hammer Arm/Focus Blast -Psychic/Rock Polish Earth Power is your standard STAB. Hidden Power Ice is coverage. Focus Blast hits...
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    No weather, no baton pass, not even a dragon.

    3 of the 6 Pokemon are weak to Fire, with Volcarona taking neutral damage, and Starmie has terrible defences. I would change something there, like possibly a Conkeldurr in place of Breloom, or a Flash Fire Chandelure in place of Volcarona. I haven't checked the synergy, but those are just some...
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    Sorry about the delay, but the Smogon Server? Name's Amity on that. Thanks

    Sorry about the delay, but the Smogon Server? Name's Amity on that. Thanks
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    Hey, Can we have a PO battle ATM? Just wondering cause I haven't battled anyone from the clan yet...

    Hey, Can we have a PO battle ATM? Just wondering cause I haven't battled anyone from the clan yet...
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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    Coil raises Attack, Defence and ACCURACY. Therefore after a Coil or two, Thunder has near perfect accuracy with 120BP plus STAB, with the boosted Attack for the other two moves (in this case Dragon CLaw and Brick Break).
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    Shattered Earth

    I also have a variety of event Pokemon, I am able to trade them if you have a reasonable offer: I also have a Snarl Zoroark that have yet to collect due to me attempting to get good IVs.