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    What do you think about EVs/IVs

    I like it. At first I too was very confused on why everyone was excited about "eevee training". Later on after I started I realized it's really nice! It makes my team feel like every pokémon has a role. Yes, I still find it very complicated, but I feel like it's just a nice addition to...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Day 11 of the IB Program... I already have 3 F's in English. Normally I would be ashamed but nobody is doing well. I feel like it'd be better if our teacher wasn't so cryptic with instructions. "Today we're taking notes for an essay you won't write. Anything related to the book."
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    Do you think pokemon are looking less and less like pokemon?

    I assume you're comparing the new pokémon to Generation 1 pokémon? If so then I would have to disagree... From what I've seen Generation 6 actually appears to resemble Generation 1 more than Generation 5.
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    Are we........ riding the goat in the Corocoro scan....?

    Are we........ riding the goat in the Corocoro scan....?
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    Have you had any luck with the GTS negotiations?

    If you mention color change on your trainer card greeting they usually know you wanna trade shinies, so I've gotten like 5 shinies from it.... Anything is better than seeing WANTED: ZEKROM LV. 9 OR UNDER.
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    Pokemon B/W boring?

    White 2 is way better but if you HAVE to stick to white, I'd really try to get into the story/world, and gen 5 requires a lot of optional exploring to get the fullest out of it. Each route has small things to do!
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    What is your most prized Pokemon?

    My shiny Espeon. I got it in Sinnoh from a trade and it was a level 1 Eevee. Now I never let it out of my party unless it is for the Pokémon DW or something like that.
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    Bad things you do.

    Burning things in the house. Like setting paper on fire, etc.
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    What for you was the best thing about GEN 3?

    The Pokémon!!! They were so diverse and exotic! And double battles were created and became standards to many pokémon battles.
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    Aqua and Magma

    While I would side with Magma because more land sounds better than more sea, I have to say both were at fault but both were trying (and failing) to do good, they just took it to extremes. In my opinion, it turned from a true goal to a rivalry. It seemed like they had good intentions but they...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I plan on choosing Fennekin. Although I considered Chespin because they are both adorable. Fennekin wins because a presumed Fire/Psychic none legendary pokémon is my dream come true. Even if it is just fire, I think it is the best looking of the 3.
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    I for one enjoy the new graphics. Not only are they 3D but they are timeless. It is like Wind Waker and how it looks great then, still looks good because it was cartoon style. The opposite being something realistic such as Golden Eye for the 64 which looks crappier over the years. My only...
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    Gen V Music

    Ok. I admit it. I've never played a pokémon game where I fell in love with the music to the point where I would listen to it on my own but in my opinion, Gen V had a fantastic soundtrack. Hoenn had good music but I feel Gen V focused a lot more on it and some of the new themes are great. Did...
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    Dittos in Daycare!

    Mine was around 30 or something and now it is in it's 90s from just leaving it there. I don't even breed with it always. Sometimes it just gains levels by itself. Derping in the corner of the Day Care.
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    Angry because of the hatred.

    This. My friends always make fun of my Chandelure for being a light fixture that floats... So they hate gen V. However my reply is, how is Geodude (a rock that floats) any more creative?
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    That's pretty impressive imo. :)
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    Your signature gives me reason to live lol.

    Your signature gives me reason to live lol.
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    Hi! I've been into music for about 4 years now and was wondering, do any of you play an instrument? If so what is it/ what are they? :D I play all saxophones, piano, and bass guitar. Special Notes Vocals DO count. Also things like ocarina, and recorders ARE instruments so they DO count.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I used to cheat a lot, however as I got more into pokemon, I feel like it's wrong and that you should raise pokemon the old fashioned way, ESPECIALLY if you want a good experience with pokemon, raise them yourself, find them, breed them, all by yourself and the game's a lot more fun :D
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Weeeellllllllllll....... -In black and white the first time i tried to exchange pokemon in a triple battle, you guys know how weird it is. -In pokemon stadium when I owned Lt.Surge with rock/ground and he had a pikachu with surf.... -almost last pokemon in the final E4 battle (round 2) with 1 hp...