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  1. blackterminator3

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    I just got Alpha Sapphire and recently I just named my boy, Jr. I chosen Treecko as my partner after I helped the professor out with a wild Poochyena. Then I went to route 101 to battle a bunch of Wurmple. Headed into Oldale Town and went to get that tour out of the way. Then went to the Pokemon...
  2. blackterminator3

    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    osted 4 hours ago Edited by Black Terminator, 4 hours ago. Rest In Peace, Roddy Piper. Thank you for the memories as a child. I loved watching you face Hogan, Bret and other all time greats. I enjoyed your segments. You are still in my top 10 favorite Heel Wrestlers of all time. I always got up...
  3. blackterminator3

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    They should have a night time in this game. I mean back in the day of the originals, we didn't have a night time for the towns and routes. All we had was just a day time. Hopefully we will get a night time theme.
  4. blackterminator3

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    I so can't wait for this game. Sad my sister won't be joining me in doing the thing together that we did a decade ago but whatever. I am getting both as in tradition to carry on. My starter for Omega Ruby will be Torchic of course and for Aqua Sapphire will be Treecko. This is going to be great...
  5. blackterminator3

    Been busy and good. What about you CGS?

    Been busy and good. What about you CGS?
  6. blackterminator3

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    I am mega pumped up today and I can't wait to play in favorite region again. I have been waiting 3 long years to see this happen and now it is the chance. Can November come fast now? I want to play the game right now. Oh yeah the Twins...It's going to be a different story now. ;)
  7. blackterminator3

    Wonder Trade Stories

    I got a nice Zubat and Swellow from the Wonder Trade. Loving them to death and plan on using them for contests.
  8. blackterminator3


    I had a dream that I went down the street and see my mom trying to warn me about going to the lake. So I didn't listen and I accidentally slipped and feel in the lake where they are gators. I woke up in cold sweat. :(
  9. blackterminator3

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Being in bed rest and can't freaking work til I get the okay from my doctor. Stupid spilled water on the ground of my kitchen causing me to hit my back against the edge of the counter!! :(
  10. blackterminator3

    Saw you needed a friend to add on the 3DS. I added you. My ID is 0173-2013-9542

    Saw you needed a friend to add on the 3DS. I added you. My ID is 0173-2013-9542
  11. blackterminator3

    Your future Career.

    I am currently looking at the acting schools here in Fl. I have 2 years of drama completed classes from High School. Also as of back up career, I am thinking about nursing.
  12. blackterminator3

    New Year 2014 Thread

    2013 was a good year for me but 2012 was a better year for me. But I do feel like 2014 will bring on more challenges and paths that lead that way. Here is my goals for this year: Get into Acting School Get Better In Graphic Arts Try to be on here more often Try some new food Try to keep being...
  13. blackterminator3

    What was the inspiration for your username?

    The inspiration to my user name was from a wrestling gimmick that I liked. Also from the Movie Terminator and the 3 is from one of my favorite numbers.
  14. blackterminator3

    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    Sadly but I have news. Billy has been banned til the 30th.
  15. blackterminator3

    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    Raw was very good despite Cena or Rock not being there. I was completely shocked that The Bella Twins returned to the WWE. Made me happy since I missed them both very much. Thank you god for answering my prayers. Punk interrupting Paul Bearer's tribute was on the mark and made him the official...
  16. blackterminator3

    Share your first car crash experience.

    My first car crash was when I was living in Arlington, Washington state. I was only 6 or 7 at the time of that crash. My mom was driving us, including my sister to the bank. Out of nowhere this drunk hit us and lucky for him, we were not hurt, but my sister and I were spooked for weeks, not...
  17. blackterminator3

    Personal Vendettas against Characters or Pokemon

    Milktank for a lot particular reasons.
  18. blackterminator3

    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I know they both have the same catch rate, but I kind of wanted a challenge. >.>
  19. blackterminator3

    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I have a feeling that the Legendary Y is going to be challenging to catch, but it will be worth the struggle. The X Legendary in honest view looks a lot cooler.
  20. blackterminator3

    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    I am going to get the devil it's due. I am really liking the graphics in this game. It's looks promising.