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    Throw an Object at the Next Poster

    *happily puts it in pool* *throws a dog leash at next poster*
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Just so you know, it was a joke my neighbor and I shared a week before she died. I was reading a book in my front yard. She came over and read over my shoulder. It mentioned ADD. She asked me what it was, and I told her it was something when you had a hard time paying attention. She thought for...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    ARGH I hate my lunchladies. Or love them. Not sure. Story that is the true: Our Russian lunchladies were lighting a match. Gosh knows why. So, after they blow it out, they throw a live match into a wastebasket full of paper wrappers. The expected result occurs. So now we have a garbage can...
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    Exactly one week and one day ago I was diagnosed with ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. Honestly, it came as a surprise to none of my friends or family.
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    Extra-Terrestrial Life : Are we Alone?

    Life? Of course. Intelligent Life? Ummm... *unsure how to answer* Quite possibly. They might just not have advanced-enough technology to contact us. And anyway we wouldn't be able to understand them, most likely.
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    Funny, Lucky and/or Ironic things that happened while playing pokemon

    I put my female lvl. 1 Japanese Eevee onto my Pokewalker. /loses Pokewalker RAGE RAGE *learns about forced return* Oh. *Forces Return* Several days later... Stepmom: Look what I found! Me: O.O My Pokewalker! *notices Eevee is still on it* Hehe... wonder what'll happen if I still try to...
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    Things pokemon has helped you learn in real life.

    Lati@s helped me remember latitude/longitude. Latitude=Red. Longitude=Blue. I kid you not.
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    Pokemon Tattoos.

    Honestly, I don't like tattoos and there are other ways to prove your love for Pokemon. But, be my guest if you want.
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    Do they speak a different language in Unova than they do in the other regions?

    I think they speak one language but have different accents, because Ash already was able to talk to Juniper and Iris when he got there.
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    What other tabs do you have open

    Serebiiforums, GPX+ and my e-mail. Though sometimes I'll have YouTube running in the background.
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    Rarest Animal seen

    Saw a wild Florida Panther. At night. While camping. In a flimsy tent. Yeah usually you should be happy to see those but now in those circumstances.
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    Your Favorite Tragic Hero/ine

    Severus Snape... risked his life because he-who-must-not-be-named killed the Love of his Life... personally he's my favorite. I'm certain I'm going to get trolled for that. You either love Severus or hate him.
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    Spongebob Squarepants

    Patrick is my favorite. I don't like the newer episodes, and I can't recall any names, but "Squidward's Suicide" sorta sucked all the joy out of it for me... Hello is this the Krusty Krab? No this is Patrick. Hello it this the Krusty Krab? *No, this is Partick!* Hello, is this the Krusty...
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    Most tearjerking scene from a movie?

    The first Pokemon movie... The Lion King. My brother was five and was confused out of his mind. "Wait, why won't Mufasa wake up? He's just sleeping! I thought he loved his son!" Me... MOM! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The battle @ the Ministry. Sirius was my favorite character...
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    Your least favorite Artist?

    Beiber. And any rappers. I mean, does that even count as music? Its just people talking about bananas busting them out of prison. (Or at least that's what it sounded like...)
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    Soccer Thread

    Football? You mean Herdball? [/glenn beck reference] I used to play recreational football/soccer (I live in America) up until the 3rd grade. My team won the championship, but I really didn't enjoy myself and I was worthless as a player (even my coach admitted it to me, he's my neighbor). So I...
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    strangest eating expierence

    Found a bone in my cold cuts chicken. Can't eat those sandwiches now *shudders* and my friend was eating mozerella (lol, I can't spell) sticks and she pulls out an identical bone to the one I found in my sandwich a while ago :/ And my brother chased me with a piece of cow tounge. Didn't eat...
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    The Dogs thread :)

    I have three- Margarita's a mutt german shepard/roteweiler mix, Enzo's a Samoyed or something like that, and Frankie is a mini dachund. We're part German so he fits right in. But needless to say its a rather loud house.
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    If life had a 'Start Over' button...

    Possibly. I probably would be tempted-- having family+friend trouble now-- but would eventually smash it with a hammer. Things always get worse before they get better.