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    How old are you? (For a bet!)

    I'm 22 years old :D have fun rubbing this in your friends face ;) I think im #133 and only person has said they are 10 or younger.
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    Anime DVDs you own V.2

    since this Ive added Neon Genesis Evangelion the series + Death and Rebirth + The End of Evangelion Wrath of The Ninja Akira and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    I started with Turtwig and just caught a shinx :) Will be catching a Starly still havent decided on what else
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    Anime DVDs you own V.2

    Millenium Actress and Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie
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    Drugs and Alcohol -- Brb getting a doctorate in LSD.

    I drink occasionally. Prefer vodka and tequila over beer and wine. Im totally a happy loud drunk but I do keep on my feet. My biggest accomplishment while drunk was walking up and down a flight of steps in heels (Im not very graceful on my feet sober :p) Ive never done drugs but I used...
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    Interesting laws and cultural differences.

    apparently in Ohio... -Women are prohibited from wearing patent leather shoes in public. -It is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday. -It is illegal to get a fish drunk. -The Ohio driver’s education manual states that you must honk the horn whenever you pass another car...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Ive been playing Cooking Mama 2 for the DS for the past week
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    Puberty - No seriously guys this is for real, we promise. Every other post by Dig-Kun

    Thats probably the biggest reason. All my gay friends hug everyone while all my straight guy friends either do that stupid man hug or a hand shake. I think because some straight men however accepting they are of gay men dont want people to think they are gay themselves because as you said its...
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    Dialga Palkia DS still in stores

    We have one where I work sitting in the back because noone wants to put it out "live" I tell people that we have it when they ask about the DS but they usually only want the pink one :\ I sometimes hate being the only employee at my store that owns a DS and knows the games.
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    The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

    umm my sig was skipped no big deal just making sure its fine
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    The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

    just checking to make sure my sig is ok
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    How young is too young? The Makeup discussion thread.

    I think that its probably best to wait until high school to let a girl wear makeup. But if a parent wants to let their daughter wear makeup its their bussiness. Kids are mature faster these days and sometimes you find 12 year olds looking 15-18 because of the makeup. Its when this happens...
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    The "What I got from GTS" Thread (part 2)

    I got a Dialga and a Spiritomb :D
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    Ranger 2 / Shadow of Almia Recent Happenings ~ READ FIRST POST OR ELSE (;

    Beat Darkrai this morning... um he was actually rather easy to beat lol. Anyways now im trying to capture all the pokemon and finish the quests... quick question who has crush 5? cant seem to see it on the mainsite list :\
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    What Kind of DS do u have?

    I have the red and black DSlite and my brother has the black DSlite. I wanted the pink one, but my parents found the red and black one with brain age 2 so they got me the red and black one :( I still love it though :D
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    Official R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    I just restarted my sapphire with Torchic. I caught a lotad and a surskit while attempted to catch a ralts on 102, still havent gotten one and ive been playing all day :( My team will probably be Blaziken, Ludicolo, Masquiren, Hariyama, Swellow, and Gardivor (though ludicolo, masquiren and...
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    How long have you been playing D/P ?

    well I started this file august, 07, 2008 and I have 213:05 hours and going
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    probably passed by it a few times in boredom :p

    probably passed by it a few times in boredom :p
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    The Official Glitch Report Thread

    did you have 2 pokemon with you? The pokecenter heals all the pokemon, not just the ones that need it. havent really seen any glitches on my copy of firered that I can think of :\
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    Hi thank you soooo much :) when do you want to do the trade?

    Hi thank you soooo much :) when do you want to do the trade?