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    Banned from #SPP or #SPP-Wifi unfairly? Post here!

    I was kicked for saying "wtf" in #spp-wifi on saturday, 4th of october, I think I was kicked wrongly because "wtf" isnt really as bad as some other words, I got the message be nice!
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    Argument about fossils - Pokemon raised from death

    This is just immoral, bringing pokemon that probobly 'wanted' to die back to life and forcing them to work....
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    Problems with the gts

    I hate it when you find a awesome offer e.g. shiny regigigas shiny and event :D and the person wants any mew, you start trading then halfway through it says..."The GTS is extremely busy at the moment, try and reconnect." when I reconnect the good offer is gone :(
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    First 12th Movie Screenshot

    Ash is going to throw pokeballs at the trouble startes and catch them lol , oh and the world IS going to end
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    happy b'day G.O.M! :)

    happy b'day G.O.M! :)
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    What pokemon trainers eat. The truth has been revealed!

    ey all eat sushi dont denie it!
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    Hardest 1st Gen pokemon to train?

    dratini-dragonite, the nighmares are returning! :(
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    hmm I dont think I did post anything in RPG?

    hmm I dont think I did post anything in RPG?
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    adele thanks for the utube link it really makes sense and is true!

    adele thanks for the utube link it really makes sense and is true!
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    hi I like cake

    hi I like cake
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    the 3 legendary... dogs? cats?

    Yes thats why I said they're cats not dogs :P
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    the 3 legendary... dogs? cats?

    legendary cats cats because entei = lion, raikou = tiger/leopard, suicune = puma.
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    Last pokemon needed for Ruby

    u should give milotic hydro pump and trash surf.
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    pkmn move game v2

    splash jokes-flail
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    The Super Effectiveness Game

    pichu, volt tackle!
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    I like both
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    The Super Effectiveness Game

    arceus-zap plate Judgement!! :@
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    ban duration time

    I was kicked for having a minor inappropriate nickname, so I'm just wondering how long this ban goes for? I will not do this again.
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    who should i use my masterball on?

    suicune due to the run-away, but entai is easier to catch than suicune.
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    Mewtwo-One Lucky Son of a Gun

    maybe metwo since he is legendary went through intense pressure due to his strength with phychic powers and developed cerebul palsey-like condition? :|