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    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    Better run before them mods catch on to your double post there.
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    The EclairShipping Thread! Huzzah!

    Hey riolulu! (im bored lol) you missing us yet? hehe (check out the link in my sig btw) Since im here, i might as well answer the topic thingie... (btw, do you have dates yet? or just kinda like 'oh maybe sometime soon'? ) disney trip!!! give da dteails! (btw, you spelled all of that totally...
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    Frustrating moments in video games

    I love all the CoD4 remarks :D Its amazing what people think of it. I personally hated "no fighting in the war room", its rather annoying and is taking forever to beat. I look forward to mile high club... In the multiplayer, I love it... Knowing the places to use my m-203, knowing when to pull...
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    Head Scratching problem

    Avast! works, all else is rather junk tbh... I highly recommend firefox coupled with Addblock plus. This will remove a) all popups from your browser, and as an added bonus will remove any advertisements from all webpages (ok most), much improving speed... As well, firefox has the amazingbar :D
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    Stupid things you did when you first got your copy of the game

    lol@number 7.... I think my biggist mistake was thinking that if i had a high enough pikachu, i wouldnt need anything else .So i would like go around with my singly high level pikachu, with nothing else, not bothering to catch any other pokemon. It was fun, but really useless in the end :\
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    Respectshipping General Discussion

    Lol definately, i can totally see them both attempting, and failing (but Drew slightly less), but then some little thing comes up and Drew totally fails, and Ash takes over... haha that could so happen
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    This, is SPARTA... Oh wait. That doesnt work. I am the new guy? idk, I just found this site...

    This, is SPARTA... Oh wait. That doesnt work. I am the new guy? idk, I just found this site while browsing the net and figured i might as well stop by and post a few things here and there. Youknow, the usual.
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    I know, isnt it amazing?

    I know, isnt it amazing?
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    World War 3?

    "I do not know with what weapons the third world war will be fought, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones" -Albert Einstein, if im not mistaken. I dont feel that the third world war will come out of the middle east. If anything, it will be something similar to korea and vietnam...
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    Comakarishipping general discussion

    Who's gonna be paying the bill? None of the above. They are going to find out that they are all out of money and have to work cleaning dishes to pay off their debts. Typical irresponsible kids.
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    lolwat? Cousin? http://myeve.eve-online.com/bitmaps/img/board_smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif Anyway...

    lolwat? Cousin? http://myeve.eve-online.com/bitmaps/img/board_smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif Anyway, Thanks for the welcome :D I saw these forums, and I knew that this was the place for me :D
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    First impression on pokemon games.

    I remember rather well... These were some of my favorites. my first was yellow, and i took the time to train up pikachu to be an amazing fighting maching. I would just roam around with him because he is amazing. I would take out the final 4 (and the fifth noob...) with just pikachu in one move...
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    Belleshipping General Discussion!

    Hey riolulu! I love belleshipping! I think the combination of their monocromatic green and blue eyes is amazing. Keep it going :D topic time: What would Drew and Dawn do for Valentines Day? I think they should go and find a nice pokemon tournament to beat each other up... I mean beat...