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    Have you gone to a real, live Pokemon event?

    Real live Pokemon events? Indeed, no. I have not. That is quite the disappointment.
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Surskit for sure.
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    Regarding Ash and Mega Evolution

    Ash-Greninja is just a mega evolution without a stone, it is highly doubtful he will be utilizing mega evolution of any kind.
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    Iris comeback speculation thread

    I could imagine Iris will appear after the league, as it is probable there will be a filler arc between Sun and Moon.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Defeating the Red Gyarados is the memory that besmirches me.
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    What do you think of revives and max revives?

    I'll be honest that I don't use revives because they waste my time.
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    Platinum or Black/White?

    All of them are great but I would go with Black or White because the plot is better.
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    Do you have any friends that play Pokémon?

    I don't have any friends who still play Pokémon. I'm the only one who does and I play Pokémon in secret.
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    Yeah, Whimiscott is based of a goat. Porygon is based off a crane I believe. What do you guys think Deoxsys is based off of?
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    Happy birthday brother.

    Happy birthday brother.
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    Volkner vs Flint?

    I'd say Flint since he's a member of the Elite Four and the Elite four are much stronger the a Gym Leader. So, Flint all the way.
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    How many times have you beaten the Pokemon League?

    I've beaten the Pokémon league about three times since I have other ways of training my Pokémon. (Audino.)
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    Togepi used....Special Rend?? The Metronome Thread!

    I once had Metronome that became Psycho Boost. This was in my Platinum game and I was fighting Aaron at the time.
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    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    I'm reading a series called Another. It's pretty good so far, I like it.
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    Sonic X

    I used to love this animé when it first came out, but now that I'm older I don't care for it anymore. My favorite character was Tails.
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    Critical hits are all about pure luck. I don't get many critical hits anymore but I used to get them a lot.
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    The last movie you saw

    The most recent movie I saw was Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I was with my younger cousin so I took her to see it as a treat. It's just as good as the original was.
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    Electrvire is not a bad Pokémon. I've used it before in competitive battles, however I don't use it anymore.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    The animé inspired me to get Sandshrew when I was little.