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    Pokemon: The Crystals of the Ancient One [SU] - PG-13

    Okay I have read through the plot and I'm gonna ask for a reserve please. Not sure what I want to do yet, but please reserve me!
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    What attracts you to guys/girls?

    This is quite the easy answer, mostly do to the fact that personality is the singular most defining nod of attractiveness in a partner for me. It does not equal hotness though, because I can find someone like hot and not be fully attracted to them. But, most people don't see that too often I assume?
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    Everyone should listen to Blessed is Black by Coven. It is quite the good album Imo. Also Indestory.
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    Breaking Bad

    Oh god this thread was made for me. Guys, that last episode....
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    How did I get back here. What am I doing with my life

    How did I get back here. What am I doing with my life
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    Gods of an Unown World

    May I be reserved under the manlyness of Deoxys... I have samples...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    (OOC: Have no fear, Esper is back with a vengeance......) Esper Veresis Esper slipped out of his wallet, into the happiness of the small farming town's festival. Many a farmer was smiling as they watched musicians play bluegrass music. They danced wildly in strange uniformity. The whole...
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    Hidden Ones: Reborn

    Alba Alba ignored his siblings constant calls of battle. He was content with his weapon, and liked to stay in a little wonder. He was ready to see the full extant of Inertia's powers. However, he wanted it to be against an enemy, not an ally. And he got his wish a few seconds later as to...
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    Naruto: Contest of peace

    Name: Kaminari "Akuma" Senshi Age: 19 Gender: Male Village: Village Hidden in the Clouds, Kumogakure Weapon of choice: Kaminari, better known as Akuma, uses a yari (japanese spear. The blade is about 2 feet long, and is a triangular formation, with a sharp point over a crescent shape...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    Esper As Esper took out another set of undead enemies, Esper heard a scream that made him have to cover his ears. It was filled with surprising sorrow, and anguish. Esper shook his head as he dispelled another stalfos with his fireballs. Esper looked at the Litch Lord, who had just gotten a...
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    Naruto: Contest of peace

    OH? A Naruto Rp!! If you don't mind me asking, may I set up a reservation? I will have my sign up soon.
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    Hidden Ones: Reborn

    Alba "Rrrgh!!!" Alba roared as he slashed at the palkia-clone, nearly striking its arm. Noticing the attack, the palkia-clone side-stepped just in time, rearing its arm back. As Alba passed in front of him, the palkia-clone slashed at his leg, inflicting a slight gash on his left leg. Alba...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    Esper As he watched Izfit bargain with the other group members, he could not help but laugh. How poes take mundane items over rupees is almost hysterical... Esper rested a bit and reached into his wallet. He pulled out a tiny vile of a light-blue liquid that bubbled consistently. Esper...
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    Hidden Ones: Reborn

    (CRUDE!! How did I miss that?! Don't worry Killer_Squirtle, it will not happen again. Trust me... I also deleted the post) Alba "Wow! Marvelous! I had no idea that this weapons were so versatile!!" Alba said, astonished by the the Hidden Ones had. Alba had not once thought that he could...
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    Oh... My mistake! I apologize, and will edit accordingly!

    Oh... My mistake! I apologize, and will edit accordingly!
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    Esper -Big Boss Door- "I'm so glad that you guys decided to lullaby our enemies to sleep..." Esper snickered as he moved through the hallway, and to the large door that blocked the group's advance. He stopped his forward motion, and floated a few feet from the door. Esper shuddered a little...
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    Hidden Ones: Reborn

    (OOC: Sorry about the absence guys. School work has been a... Not so enjoyable experience.... But I have returned from the dead!!) Alba "Goodness... What the heck happened?!?" Alba yawned, rubbing his back. As he rubbed the crust from his eyes, he looked at his surroundings. Somehow, he...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link - Discussion

    To TheSequelReturns... I was wondering if it would be okay if magic users could update their spell roster (I have an idea...) I was just wondering if we had a set spell list, or if we could increase the size (Well not too large.) Anyway, I am ready for the main boss!! I don't know why, but I...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    Esper looked at the two poe warriors who both began casting. It seemed Volcas was the stronger of the two, and was more unstable. But Esper still had not seen his full capabilities. Yet, Permas was still dangerous on his own accord, though he had not used any magic. As soon as Esper finished...
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    Esper Esper had chosen to follow the Orpheus, since he seemed to be the most sensible. He remained in his wallet for most of the trip, since he was not in the mood to fight. They passed through many a hall until the group reached a large room that was seemingly empty. After a quick...