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    The New Single Rates Thread - Follow the format in the OP!!

    Choice Banded SD is a big no no. Threw in the EVs because I can.
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    Sick of Hax? Me too!

    As pointed out before Iron Fist>Guts on Conkel, Guts is useless if your just gonna safeguard it. I agree with Focus Sash>Life Orb on Cloyster, one of the best items to set up with IMO in the BS without the worry of entry hazards messing it up. And to the person who mentioned Archeops as a...
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    Official Competitive Team

    With all the entry hazards around these days and no spinner on your team, Focus Sash is useless on Weavile. Give it a Life Orb instead, Low Kick over Brick Break and Pursuit over Sword Dance, as your team could use a decent revenge killer. I like Weavile, so that's all I have for now, might look...
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    My first competitive Team (all Unova)

    You do know that if it has a Choice Band it can only use one attack. So using Sword Dance with a Choice Band is as "beast" as a Sunkern. At least now you know. And Sword Dance is superior to Screech in almost every way. Sword Dance sticks with you as long as your poke is kept in, but Screech...
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    My first competitive Team (all Unova)

    Oh lord. I'm glad how everyone here thinks that SD on a Choice Banded Ferrothorn is a good idea Ferrothorn(Brave)@Leftovers Iron Barbs EVs: 252 HP,252 Atk, 4 SpD -Gyro Ball -Power Whip -Leech Seed -Sword Dance/Curse
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    Battle Subway team, need advice

    I think Air balloon Agility-Gross would probably be best for synergy with your team, sply because I am gonna recommend that you give your Galvantula Specs (Base 98 SpA isn't all that great and it needs all it can get to warrant using it) and your gonna want something to switch in on those...
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    BS (Bull Samiches) Team

    Not much to say, except that a Life Orb is better suited for Chandelure.
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    Casual Player looking for some help to beat his friends!

    I find Scarfed Chandelure as a great revenge killer, though give it Overheat over WoW. Mach Punch over Hammer Arm if you can on Conkeldurr and Payback over Stone Edge, but if you can't get Mach Punch then Payback over Hammer Arm. Definitely give Archeops Rock Slide over DragonBreath. If possible...
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    No particular reason, you just seemed like a unique fellow. We can't be friends after only one...

    No particular reason, you just seemed like a unique fellow. We can't be friends after only one date though, I haven't said a proper hello. Welcome to Serebii, I as you can see am El Panda, usually found in the IGRMT section. Well then, Hello!
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    Sandstorm Team

    Yeah, well you see guys, the Sandstorm put up by Sand Stream is permanent, at least until another weather effect is put into play. Seeing as he said changing weather won't be a problem, I think he should be just fine on relying on Tyra.
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    Yes, the power drop is not worth the accuracy drop and you are better off with thunder bolt. With the other two pokes seem to guarantee at least SOME damage, so you usually won't need the extra power to KO something at full health. Plus you got Calm Mind if you need power boosts.
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    Theoretical Battle Subway

    Yes, forgot about that. And the Speed you should be aiming for on Chandelure is 130, which you should reach with the given EV spread as long as you have a Speed IV over 27,so that it ouspeeds everything in the Battle Subway after two Flame Charges.
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    Theoretical Battle Subway

    The Focus Sash is there to stop Priority Moves( Aqua Jet in Particular), Quick Claws Hax, and other Focus Sashers. And Scarfed Jolly Gengar does not outspeed a +6 Speed Chandelure.
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    Theoretical Battle Subway

    Yes I was about to suggest a DDer to cut down on the number of set up moves.I was thinking Lum Berry for that Sslamance and then Arisl Ace over Substitute. The only thing able to status you will be Pokes with Muschievous Heart, which should easily be shrugged off for a Lum Berry SnD eliminated...
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    Theoretical Battle Subway

    Yes I completely overlooked that. I guess that will do then, the only possible AI counter is if their pokes have a Shed Shell, Ill look over the list of trainers and see if any of their Pokes actually carry that. Other than that, this team should have no problems. By the way, I looked at the...
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    Theoretical Battle Subway

    Neither Dream World Chandelyre or Durant have been released, but once they do, it will literally make the Battle Subway a joke, as you have shown with this team which is theoretically unbeatable, unless the AI learns to switch as soon as they get Traunt. I'd give Chandelure Flamethrower because...
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    Triple S

    Return's extra damage is gonna help you more than the ParaHax. Paralyze speed drop is wasted because your running a Curse Set. I prefer Recover over Psyshock and a Life Orb on Starmie. Lefties is probably best for Snorlax, and then replace Crunch with Rest, as Ghost types can wall you Scizor and...
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    Super Battle Subway Team

    You said Weavile was a revenge killer, and Arial Ace is so weak, perhaps relace it with Fake for some more cheap damage.
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    Unova P0W4H!!1

    I would suggest perhaps switching the Rocky Helmet on Cofagrgus and Leftovers on Ferothorn to take advantage of Iron Barbs resulting in 25% of damage for a physical hit. On that note I would also consider Protect over Curse so that you get a free turn of Leech Seed recovery since you won't have...
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    My Planned Pokemon Ruby Remake Team

    Your team is 4/6 BoltBeam weak, so you might want to consider changing more than one Pokemon other than Aggron. Tell me if your willing to replace any of yours pokes and I'll look for a replacement. Aggron is 4x weak to the two most popular Physical attacking types, Ground and Fighting, is...