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    ***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could make a vector image of this Gameboy? http://i51.*******.com/sxhxnc.jpg
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    Light ball?

    Well I've been wondering this for a while, I have the Surfing Pikachu from PBR, with a Light Ball, Well I thought why not make it a Surfing Raichu? but before I gave Pikachu that Thunderstone I remembered that the Light ball will not work on Raichu. Well I was wondering is a Pikachu with a Light...
  3. K

    what got you into pokemon?

    Being a little kid, watching a new cartoon, that's about it.
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    The Spriting Club!

    Geodude's right arm looks longer than his other, but other than that great work, I'd give it a 9/10. My WIP Ultra Trainer Card.
  5. K

    Some Devamps

    I loved the little toaster, I'm correct on the movie, right?, well it looks great, the animations seem to flow great! 10/10 for creativity and exceptionally great work! With the animations I use UnFreeze, I'm not sure what you use, but that program has worked fine for me so far.
  6. K

    KUROLAND Sprites

    @ Serris, Thanks, I put the Lugia one in there, because it was made for the Water Pokemon club. Lugia is the Guardian of the Sea, and simply I like Lugia and just wanted to make it with a water background, so from there I just added the text, I know Lugia isn't a Water Pokemon, and technically...
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    The Spriting Club!

    lol thanks. You guys should have seen the other entrees. Currentally I'm working on my next WSC entree.
  8. K

    Is Naruto Better Than DBZ?

    Your Opinion is somewhat based on how old you are, about +15 you are obviously going to Say Dragonball Z and below You'll say Naruto. The Creator of Naruto said DBZ was a major influence in Naruto. Dragonball Z was one of the Best animes ever, it revolutionized the Anime craze for...
  9. K

    Who thinks legends should get eveloutions???

    I say no, maybe Prevos but no Evos
  10. K

    Most endangered pokemon

    I'd have to say Unown, or Wailord. Unown can't Breed so when they die "if they do" there are no more. Wailord is a whale so therefor Endangered.
  11. K

    The Spriting Club!

    The Ghost of X-mas Yet to Come.
  12. K

    What is the most popular anime of all time?

    I say Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and Gundam or Naruto.
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    KUROLAND Sprites

    Thanks Capsule; The Duskull of X-mas to come.
  14. K

    KUROLAND Sprites

    an Evo to my steam Dino. and a Prevo to it.
  15. K

    if you use rental,wat pkmn you use?

    They try to make it that the stronger pokemon aren't overpowered, like they'll give Charmander better moves that a Charizard. I useually go with Kadabra, haunter, Pikachu, and the rest really are random.
  16. K

    Click Me Please!

    lol, I love the Scratches, look to good for the Games. I love your work can't wait for more.
  17. K

    Prof. Kecleo's Lab of Sprites!

    Kricketot, that's it!, Well you're a good Spriter, and You could use some help "who doesn't", but keep up the good work!
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    The Spriting Club!

    I've made a family for my Steam Pokemon, Yes the final form is edited from my SSF, weekly Spriting contest. entry.
  19. K

    Prof. Kecleo's Lab of Sprites!

    I'd recommend, using Gimp or Paint.net, so you don't have to worry about the pesky transparent areas, They're both just like MS Paint, but allow you to do more. On your Devamps, try thickening or adding the line and reducing the size of the sprite "giratina" on your retypes, yes they look...
  20. K

    More Of KingTapir Sprite

    lol, Spirited away, Well It's a WIP, so keep on it. And on the Splices/Fusion, try Scratching more, change some of the shading all together, but on a positive not, I love your Glaceon/Togekiss. lol IDK why I just do.