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    Community POTW #009

    It had a niche in STABmons because it could use sleep talk with a choice scarf to whirlwind at +0 priority. Then it got banned. With the decline of scald, Komala is probably less viable than ever. I guess it has rapid spin, wish and U-turn. But it doesn't really have the bulk to take advantage...
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    Community POTW #001

    ITs too early for damage calcs so I'm not sure about the EV spread. But here's a Meowscarada set designed to lead, as it can stop rocks with taunt, set up spikes, or switch out with u-turn to keep up momentum. It also threatens a lot of rocks and spikes users thanks to the frankly pretty broken...
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    [SPOILERS] BDSP Datamine Discussion Thread

    At this point I'm about ready to give up on BDSP, and my hope for this game is that sales from cross-compatibility is deemed profitable enough that they patch some BDSP pokemon into SwSh when BDSP is compatible with Home.
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    Pokémon That Have Made You Legitimately Upset:

    Yungoos and Gumshoos. I have heard too much about Donald effing Trump in the last six years. I don't want any refence to him to be a permanent part of Pokemon. Its a shame that they ruined probably the one shot they will take at making a honey badger pokemon. Those things are courageous and...
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    Isn't planning for that kind of gauntlet the whole challenge of a party RPG though? I think failing or struggling against unfair odds makes the victory feel worthwhile. It feels unfair to me when I can just tailor my team to every opponent before I battle them. Especially when its so simply to...
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    Badly Explain a Movie Plot Game!

    A girl learns that any amount of effort and planning is useless. You just need the right godmother and husband and you'll be set for life. Kung Fu Panda
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    Most obscure way needed to find a pokemon?

    I got kind of annoyed with Drifloon in Gen IV. IIRC you needed to see one for the regional dex to progress the game, and you probably skipped the battle with one in the Hearthome Gym. In Gold and Silver, Pikachu isn't available until quite a long way after the postgame. Generally they also...
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    Sinnoh Dex 3.0 Speculation Thread

    That one was on-topic. I'm just bringing some other evidence for comparison. Part of the post about whether non-sinnoh dex mons from the battle resort would be in the game and not the dex. The rest was wondering if pokemon being absent from SwSh would make them more or less likely to be added...
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    Sinnoh Dex 3.0 Speculation Thread

    I think that it is possible that all the Gen I-IV pokemon will by in BDSP. And that its likely that the pokemon in the Battle Resort or through things like swarming will be available in-game, but not the dex. It has always struck out to me that three gen IV event pokemon got snapped while...
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    Sinnoh Dex 3.0 Speculation Thread

    I think that I would have been more happy if the walking pokemon could be spoken to, and there were text boxes showing how some of them reacted to their environments like in HGSS. I don't want them to just be cute baubles. I've noticed that a lot of the mons shown in the trailers aren't in...
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I like the solution to HMs. I would definitely rather see them streamlined than scrapped entirely. Otherwise you end up with very samey obstacles, like seeing those Team Yell morons every time the game wants to stop you exploring. HM Puzzles were a huge part of the early franchise. We haven't...
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    Gen VIII definitely revealed less that Gen VII. I can't believe they were staying so tight-lipped about even considering patching in more pokemon. Game Freak is more likely to hold back their big reveals so that thye have some positive articles on day 1. But still, they show something new...
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    Things you are mad at that the anime didn’t do/take advantage of

    Yeah, I think that cutting porygon out is just an important gesture by Pokemon to say that they admit to and regret their mistake. Bringing porygon back to the anime would just say that pokemon has stopped caring about the seizures.
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    What is the most important thing the Pokemon anime has to get right for it to be enjoyable for you?

    I think that the most important thing is that the characters' pokemon have to have entertaining personalities. Even if they are very simple or don't develop all that much. If we can clearly see that a pokemon has a personality trait, good battles and compelling stories will flow naturally from...
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    Are Pokédex entries exaggerated?

    There's still the issue that India exists in the pokemon universe. Which is weird since the Kanto and Johto regions are clearly versions of parts of Japan but Japan itself is not mentioned.
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    Are Pokédex entries exaggerated?

    Yes, the pokedex is too impossible to be true. The pokedex in on a planet that hasn't been completely ruined by a species of lava monsters that are twice as hot as the surface of the sun. So Magcargo's is presumably exaggerated. Also there are nowhere near enough mountains to sustain the...
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    Anyone else finds it funny how we got 4 controversial Leagues in a row?

    Unova wasn't controversial. It was just terrible.
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I think its still more significant that Looker wasn't in SwSh. Those games didn't have any returning NPCs at all. Not even Oak or old NPCs and rivals as opponents in the BAttle Tower. I think pokemon might be moving away from continuity between games, which would make Looker a bit...
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    Your worst Shiny fail?

    My first ever shiny (besides red gyarados) was a mankey in a bootleg copy of Leaf Green which randomly deleted all my save data every couple of hours. I don't even like green on that pokemon, but it was a real extra slap to the face while finding out that I'd bought a fake game.
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    TBH that's something I'm less worried about, besides the event only pokemon. It would be nice to get another darkrai for instance, especially if they do the event one with roar of time and spacial rend. But I've got all the copies I need of pretty much every non-event legendary from gens I-VII...