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  1. Zero1999

    Ash & Latios (1235)

    Okay so where do I start... First, yes, I guess the suspicion of Latias not getting caught was right, while i do admit that i really wanted one last catch to be legendary, a part of me told me that he was going to help her and somewhere around if a Latias is involved then a Latios have to be...
  2. Zero1999

    Where were you when Best Wishes/Black And White happened?

    I didn't had an account back then but i used to visit the forum regardless, there were 5 things on top of my head about BW series here: -The Snivy vs Pikachu battle -Iris calling Ash a kid every time -Trip being one of the most boring rivals ever and being hated until Cameron arrived too -Ash...
  3. Zero1999

    October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

    So it's really gonna happen, after 8 years or so, Ash will finally get a Mega Evolution in the form of Lucario, i didn't think it was gonna happen since that was the only gimmick that Ash never used. I'm gonna guess that he'll need all the firepower he can get in the Hyper class and maybe soon...
  4. Zero1999

    The end of an era or the end?

    Don’t tell me that was a Burrito reference Anyway, with how the series is being handled now with no gyms to conquer, this marks the first time the series has broken its tradition of getting certain numbers of gym badges/trials to get a chance to battle the regions E4 or Champion, Ash’s past...
  5. Zero1999

    Anyone else finds it funny how we got 4 controversial Leagues in a row?

    I did remember people complaining about Ash's defeat against a trainer who used a Meowth and just weren't satisfying with how he was eliminated, oh boy what was coming for Sinnoh was gonna take the internet and Yt comment sections like a storm
  6. Zero1999

    Anyone else finds it funny how we got 4 controversial Leagues in a row?

    4? Shouldn't it be 5 starting from Hoenn? Sinnoh was when the internet exploded and Kalos was a total nuke towards OLM and Pokemon company
  7. Zero1999

    What is so special about Cynthia, anyway?

    I think it is because: Anime wise- Because she was the champion with more presence through the series Game wise- Her level 66 Garchomp in DP
  8. Zero1999

    A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle! (1166)

    The battle was nice and there definetly was a bit of tension once Lucario and Gengar started battling, though in one way or another Ash was gonna use the Z-move to overcome Electivire's ability, Volkner proved to be a challenge for Ash so considering that Cynthia and Lance are in the Master...
  9. Zero1999

    August 20th: PM2019 077 - A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    I saw the preview of the next episode but where did people get to see Ash's Torterra? Anyways, i'm glad Volkner is back, this battle is showing Lucario and Gengar so it was about time for these two to appear in action and what better way versus the strongest Gym Leader in Sinnoh.
  10. Zero1999

    Which is a better Hoenn?

    As a kid I used to play a lot the Hoenn games, mainly gen 3 in the GBA era, it is one of my favorite regions of all time and the reason i would choose Emerald over ORAS is mostly the mystery the game gave me first playing it. Puzzles like the Regis were things that surprised me and gave me a...
  11. Zero1999

    Nothing will ever beat original series. Nothing.

    The lighthouse episode where the giant Dragonite appears, the sinked ship episodes, the maiden peak and some other that i may be forgetting have this mystery air around them that i used to find very interesting even to this day, not to mention the consistesy with how the story kept up barring...
  12. Zero1999

    Nothing will ever beat original series. Nothing.

    Tbh, i prefer from OS to DP, OS what it had was the comedy part, we know that Ash was a mediocre trainer up until the Johto League and wasn't extremely happy go lucky, the roasts back then were hilarious
  13. Zero1999

    What reason do you think Serena didn’t appear in SM?

    If anything after XY ended, some fans and hardcore ones went silent, Amourshipping apparently is a topic that’s usually brought every now and then, just looking at SM almost ending or Journeys bringing past companions. The ship is still popular after all these years I figure the reason certain...
  14. Zero1999

    Do you want that guy who beat Ash in the XY league to return ?

    Unless Greninja can come back, i can't see Alain returning, Alain was surprised seeing Ash Greninja pull a transformation that can battle his MCX and that was mostly their reason for their clashes, besides he no longer goes collecting Mega Evolution energy and as of the finale of XYZ, he no...
  15. Zero1999

    What reason do you think Serena didn’t appear in SM?

    He might be dense but i don’t believe to be dense like Kakarot due to how Kakarot was an alien that thought wife was food. That or only girls called Giselle are the only ones to make Ashy-boy blush and make puppy eyes lol
  16. Zero1999

    Who deserved to accomplish their goal more?

    May and/or Dawn When it comes to Serena in being Kalos Queen, she seemed to have a long way to go
  17. Zero1999

    Why was Iris accused of not being a true friend to Ash?

    Indeed, what i mostly meant was the writting in BW was atrocious, the combination of the things i said above culminated in BW being hated, i still remember how that season was really hated when it came out. Iris wasn't really well received due to people saying she pointed out the mistakes Ash...
  18. Zero1999

    Why was Iris accused of not being a true friend to Ash?

    Simple, BW was not a very likeable season, Iris added fuel to the fire thinking Ash was a total nobody and the "reset" didn't help much with how Ash was portrayed as a noob, i didn't like her on that season but in JN she seemed to calm down a bit.
  19. Zero1999

    What reason do you think Serena didn’t appear in SM?

    Will the writters ignore that? I just believe Serena completed the goal she had with Ash and just opened a possibility of maybe them meeting one day, which the chances are low but not impossible to happen in Journeys. I only know for sure that the guy who directed XY wasn’t in SM nor Journeys...
  20. Zero1999

    What reason do you think Serena didn’t appear in SM?

    It's that or they plain know Amourshippers might be mad if they don't have any moments together. When putting it in perspective, how are they going to use her in the new series if she comes back? Her goal was Ash, this was partially her reason for going in a journey, in the end she got what she...