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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Thanks for the response. That is really cool. I want to get all of those medals especially grass, dragon, and psychic since they have my three favorite pokemon in them. :p
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    For the medals that say defeat the Elite 4 and Champion with only Normal type pokemon or say Fire type pokemon dual type pokemon count right? So Chandelure would count for the Fire Type medal as well as the Ghost type medal? That seems pretty cool; I want to try and get those eventually...
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    Hidden Grotto Discussion Thread

    That really sucks. I guess you just have to get lucky..
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    Most Dissapointing Pokemon You Have Used From The 5th Generation

    Serperior was the biggest disappointment for me. I love the design but the stats and move pool it got are not great. Same for Zebstrika. I had one my first play through for a while however I stopped once I got Galvantula.
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    100% agree. I love the VS Seeker. I really don't know why they took it out....
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    Favorite Johto Pokemon and why?

    Easily my favorite pokemon ever: Espeon. <3 I love it's design and it is pretty fast and strong on the special attacking side. Its move pool could be a lot better but oh well still my favorite. :P
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    Do you still like 4th Generation games?

    Yes I do still like it. In fact I am playing through one of my Platinums atm. I have been playing the last three games in a cycle of Black --> Platinum --> HeartGold --> Black.. etc because it was getting boring playing Black back to back with a new team right away. Plus I had many good...
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    Best Electric non-legendary pokemon?

    I voted Electivire. Magnezone is my second choice since it is really strong. Jolteon is probably my favorite electric type since I love Eevee evolutions however it's move pool is not that great.
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    Best Grass type move

    Leaf Blade is my favorite and imo the best physical grass move because it is strong and has no drawbacks [only a higher critical hit chance]. Seed Bomb is pretty standard and usually is what physical grass types have to stick with since Leaf Blade, Power Whip, and Wood Hammer are relatively...
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    What do you prefer, Reshiram or Zekrom

    I like Reshiram more than Zekrom although they are both good.
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    Who's your favorite 5th Gen Pokemon and why?

    Virizion is probably my favorite. I like the design, typing, and it doesn't hurt that it has good stats. I also like Serperior it just sucks that it has a bad move pool and its attacking stats are weak. I know it's Dreamworld ability makes it really strong after a Leaf Storm but I can't...
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    Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

    First post in a long time on here so here it goes.. My first time playing White was so far the only time using one of the monkeys in my team. I choose Snivy so I got Panpour. Simipour was not bad however it was odd to me that even having a Bold nature it's Attack stat was higher than...
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Those look great! Good job if you drew that!
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    I am satisfied so far! I just want the grass to become half flying for a change! I am so choosing that one as my starter. The fire will be my next go round and the water gets last restart. Sorry.. I think the fire will remain pure fire but I think the water will become half ice for...
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    I don't care about the name I just want it to have some great pokemon and introduce some more things that are cool. Looking forward to next March/April!
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    moves that pokemon should have.

    I really wish Flareon got a fire physical move besides Fire Fang. Flare Blitz is great but I would still rather have a 100 power physical fire if it had pretty good accuracy, no recoil, and good pp. Espeon should also get more special moves since hidden power, shadow ball, and psychic are...
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    Hardest trainer/trainers?

    I don't really think anyone. My team is strong and I fear no in game trainer.. People online are the hard ones.. :(
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I think it will be just like Lucario in the stat distribution being able to utilize both it's att and sp att. I just really hope they get some new dark type moves for it. Maybe a signature dark move for it since it is kinda special..
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I agree with you. I am just happy that news is finally starting to come out. I hope they make a ton of new pokemon. Especially Electric, Dragon, and Darks since they seem to be low on them..
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    HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed

    That is pretty messed up, but it doesn't affect me since I never play the slots, just buy coins.