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    The Return of Pokemon Survivor!

    Politoed should win. Bellossom should die. =)
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    -water type pokémon club . [x]

    My favorite water type legendary pokemon would have to be Suicune, mainly because.... it's the only one I can remember at the moment. :(
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    D'oh! (A Completely Un-Simpsons-Related Hopefully Humourous Short Story)

    That was quite humorous. It made me smile more than once, and I found myself laughing out loud a couple times. I think you should continue it, I wanna know what happens to Trip, the alpha, and... the rest of 'em.
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    Sinnoh Journey! (PG-PG 13)

    Okay, I don't usually review things, but I felt a sudden urge to while reading this story. This right here *points at quote* is reeeeeeeaaaallllyyyy undiscriptive and boring. Try to describe the surroundings more. Reading the part of your story that I quoted, the only thing I see is him...
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    Gym Rat [PG-13]

    Yeah, slap me on dat dere list!
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    It's suspention of disbelief, you're obviously supposed to 'pretend' like you believe that a 142 pound... thing can be held up by the neck muscles of a ten-year-old. Just like you're supposed to 'pretend' like you believe that Team Rocket should be able to live after being electrocuted, frozen...
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    A Full Course Tag Battle! (544)

    What's up with this 'princess of Hoenn' stuff? Do people actually adress May by that name, or is it just something that Dawn thought up?
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    Mewtwo-One Lucky Son of a Gun

    I always thought it was because the humans who cloned mew didn't have enough of it's DNA and when mewtwo cloned those other pokemon he had complete living organisms instead of a little piece of hair or something small like that. I don't know why they had those extra markings though, maybe it...
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    Gym Rat [PG-13]

    Good lord! I have completely fallen in love with this story, it reminds me of..... nothing. Which is good! Originality RULES!!
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    GS Ball - Original Intentions

    Nah, I doubt that it would have been that great. I'm sure they would have found a way to make Celebi boring and repetitive.
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    -water type pokémon club . [x]

    If I do not become a member of this club I will DIE...... okay, I might not die but I'll be very sad. =( I guess I like water pokemon because I like real life aquatic animals, and water sports/activities/etc. and just water in general. My favorite would have to be... umm... Squirtle, as...
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    oh.... that's nice! ... I guess...

    oh.... that's nice! ... I guess...
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    Who still has Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

    I still have both gold and silver.
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    September 11 - 9/11

    I was eight, I remember being in the car with my dad and brother, the dj on the radio was talking about it but I wasn't listening, then when I got to school they pulled us out of first period and put us in the auditorium. The principal, Mr. Destefano, told us all what had happend and told us to...
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    Soooo. wat have you been up to while I was 'dead'

    Soooo. wat have you been up to while I was 'dead'
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    The Daily Conversation Thread -NEW RULES!!! READ FIRST POST!!!

    Well I had a dream about driving away from an oncoming tornado (in an AUTOMOBILE) while simultaneously hi-jump-kicking a flight attendant who wanted to know where I was going. I also dyed my hair hot pink between kicks to the flight attendants face and long swerves across the whole lane to make...
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    GASP!! you thought I was dead? That's horrible, I have to remember to talk to you at least every...

    GASP!! you thought I was dead? That's horrible, I have to remember to talk to you at least every ten days... or apparantly I'll become dead in your book... x3
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    What do people eat in the Pokémon world?

    Yeah.... I'm pretty sure that no matter how much Ash and co. seem to love their pokemon, its not stopping them from digging into that juicy steak and pretending that it didn't used to have a face. (not to mention hooves, and three tails)
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    Rants About School (Version 2)

    Words fail me in my attempts to describe the disdain that I feel towards my new principal, this lady is orange. Literally orange, like she got a bad tan. She also needs to go back to wherever it was that she came from, and ruin the people who live there's sool year. First off, instead of the...
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    Where does the water come from?

    We know that lots of water pokemon have the ability to use water guns or hydro pump attacks, right? These pokemon expel water from their mouths/orifices/cannons/whatevers at high pressures, and they use it for a variety of purposes. I know this, however, there is something about it that has...