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    Favorites Thread: PEOPLE

    1. Who's your favorite PLAYABLE CHARACTER? None of them, actually. I really dislike them all. But if I had to pick, probably Lucas. 2. Who's your favorite RIVAL? Wally. :D Wally was the first of the more friendly rivals, which is pretty much what we've got going now. 3. Who’s your...
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    Hottest Gym Leaders

    Chili. Hands-down it's Chili.
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    Favorite Character Thread

    Pod/Chili. dsjflkasdj he's simply taken my heart and run away with it. Fiery little scamp.
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    BW018 - Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arty!!

    Maybe because he owns its evolved form in the game? Just sayin'. I will be all kinds of pissed if Ash gets it.
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    Those things in video games you just won't ever forgive

    Caitlin in Gen 5. I will never forgive that. That should have been Darach and not the lazy little brat who sat there and did nothing and suddenly OMG PSYCHIC POWERS SHE TOTALLY HAD THOSE ALL ALONG RLY I really hate that girl.
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    BW018 - Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arty!!

    Um, it's really not obvious. o_o Ash saves pretty much any Pokemon because omg they're pokemon omg, that doesn't mean he'll catch it. Plus, it seems to be Arty's bff anyway. What's obvious is it being Arty's.
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    Left 4 Dead

    Oh man. I love me some Left 4 Dead. Mostly 2 of course, I don't even own the first one, but I intend to get it. I'm not any good at it of course, but it's still fun as hell, especially with friends. ...and especially when you have friends who just like to derp around in the levels and make...
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    BW018 - Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arty!!

    Oh man. Arty looks GORGEOUS. And Kurumiru looks adorable. ....you know, like usual. nothing new here. X3 I'm honestly thinking that the Kurumiru is Arty's though. I really hope Ash doesn't catch it. :/
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    Game characters you want to see

    Will please. >_> Poor thing is so overlooked and he's so strange that they could do just about anything with him. I actually kinda want to see him as a coordinator because he just looks so flamboyant and pretty. XD; also Karen but ONLY if they give her an actual personality. none of this...
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    The Shippers Review of 2009

    1. Susushipping is still my baby. 2. I re-got into Hottieshipping, A**holeshipping (hurrrr censoring, but it's soon to be renamed anyway so screw it, I'll remake that thread when it IS), EliteUndershipping, and Redneckshipping. 3. Actually got into Charadeshipping, Ferventshipping and...
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    XD As are mine. I mean I visited for a day and got infracted for doing stupid **** already :B...

    XD As are mine. I mean I visited for a day and got infracted for doing stupid **** already :B I'm awesome. UHHHHH been obsessing over Dario again XD
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    The Flame Pokémon-athon! (033)

    I still don't understand why Ash was bawwing at Dario using unfair methods of winning, when the only reason he himself won was because the Pokemon he was riding evolved. :/ that's even less fair to me. Of course, I do have a bias seeing how Dario is one of my favorite characters ever, but even...
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    Charmander, the Stray Pokémon (011)

    Eheheh. My obsession with Damian is back, and I've been capping this ep like a madwoman. I don't care if he was an abusive jerk, he's gorgeous and his accent is super-sexy. 8D Also (i think i actually said it first time i commented on this thread) I hate Charmander and its evolutions, so seeing...
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    Pokemon people that only have one role in the show.

    I'd love to see some of the characters you really wouldn't think would appear again. Damian, Dario, the Eevee Brothers, maybe some of the coordinators from Hoenn like Grace or Chaz... As for ones who legitimately SHOULD appear...I definitely agree with the AJ sentiment, as well as Ritchie and...
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    Personally, did you like Tracey?

    I really liked Tracey ;; One of the first anime characters that actually appealed to me, but a lot of it was me relating to the whole drawing thing. and he was cute. 8D They should bring him back. And they should give him some actual personality and backstory.
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    The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)

    Ahaha, you and me both. >D
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    Who is the coloest gym leader and why?

    Brawly. He was literally MADE to be cool considering he's a surfer. Smoking hot, amazing body, he just needs to be NOT the second gym leader >_> Poor guy.
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    Shipping Songs

    Muahahaha. I give songs to shippings all the time, so I guess this is the thread I BELONG in :B Song: Sun and Moon Artist: Miss Saigon Shipping: Susushipping (Morty/Will) Reason: Well, Morty and Will kind of seem very similar but different to me. O_o Morty seems like a much brighter...
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    lmao PROBABLY NOT FOR LONG i tend to show up here, be like OMG I MISSED THESE PEOPLE, then I'll...

    lmao PROBABLY NOT FOR LONG i tend to show up here, be like OMG I MISSED THESE PEOPLE, then I'll be like '......wow look at all the noobs' and run back to BMGf. XD But I am back into the pokemon fandom, soooo. XD
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    censoredshipping, anyone? *cackle*

    XD they absolutely would hate each other at first. I actually RP those two with a friend of mine and that's exactly what happened. They actually ended up punching each other in the face and knocking each other out, they woke up in a house full of the other characters we RP (Lucian, Will, Morty...