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    Zuruzuru team GO!

    On Scrafty i would make him a Rest/Bulkup on with a careful nature. Unless your trying to do the more Mixed coverage one then i would replace Bulk Up with Dragon Punch and make the EV's something like 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP (idk if people use a bulky one or not, i personally love the Rest/Bulk...
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    Rate my team (dilemma...)

    Actually like Quilava said Bronzong would help out alot, especially with its dream World ability it will solve your Ice weakness and it will help out with fire attacks. Also Cursed Body on Jellicent would most likely work better seing as you have nothing with a water weakness that can bait out...
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    A Sweeping Sun Team

    Or give it Psychic, it adds to its coverage and lets you take out Fighting Pokemon
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    Rate my team (dilemma...)

    Your still rediculously weak to ice mate, any hail team will rip you apart. Add something or take something out to help take care of that. Vaporeon, Jellicent, are all things that could do that
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    #349 Feebas / #350 Milotic

    I'm looking for a bold female Feebas, godo IV's would be awesome but its not necessary
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    Nope, in the thread i said i was LOOKING for one

    Nope, in the thread i said i was LOOKING for one
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    First Competitive Team

    Well your teams not complete, its got to be in order for this to not be locked, also yyou need explanations. And your natures dont really make sense why naughty on Hydreigon? If hes going to be scarfed make it Modest, if hes going to be mixed give it life orb
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    RMT - Going Competitive? (Updated)

    Well for one I would give Hydreigon Choice Scarf, and Dark Pulse instead of Dragon Pulse, 2 Draco meteors will do more damage than 2 dragon Pulses. Your team hs a pretty big Ice weakness, so i would get some type of Check for that because if Hydreigon, Garchomp, and Hippowdon are gone thats...
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    How Long Does It Take You To Draft Up A Team?

    The Core of my team? 5 or 10 minutes, but making sure all the pokemon have good synergy and such through Playtesting and then fixing the holes? a couple of days
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    5th Gen Team, "Balance"

    I wouldn't replace Salamence with Hydreigon because that would jsut add to your Fighting weakness and seeing as Chansey and Scizor can both take Ice attacks aimed at 'mence it shouldnt matter.
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    My Competetive Team, Rate Plz!

    To put pictures in just do ;______*; put in the pokemons number in the ___ and remove the *. for example ;243*; becomes ;243; . Whimiscott doesnt need any Speed EV's because he is not running any attacking moves. You really dont want to use items such as Razor Claw that only sometimes work, or...
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    From UU to Ou (Tiered i think not)

    I dont think it matters unless theres an item clause or something, i dont really know all i've been playing lately is ALOT ot PO
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    Here We Go

    Changes/Suggestions made in this, you didnt give any of these guys items either so i helped you out there too heh i was bored :P
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    From UU to Ou (Tiered i think not)

    Because that way he will have a way of regenerating HP, especially since you arent running wish support and he is your only wall, Rocky helmet is better for when you have leech seed up (basically like leftovers) and you want to do damage back when hit by something physical
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    From UU to Ou (Tiered i think not)

    I would actually use Choice Scarf on Hydreigon, that way it can act as a revenge killer which is incredibly handy, and definetly give him surf, not taunt. Your team should watch out for ghost types because Minicciono wont really be able to touch them and im fairly certain they can take out a...
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    I learn something new every day XD

    I learn something new every day XD
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    "Pitter Patter" -- Quote from "Rain"

    These team actually looks really good, and it doesnt use Rotom W like everyone else does, nice names too btw I'm getting the feeling your into latin lol. I would run Ice Beam on Politoad for more reliability,and HP fire on Magnezone for it to take out things that cant escape it (Scizor...
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    Need Help for First Competetive team!

    I would give Dragonite Multi Scale, it gives him the oppurtunity to turn in on an attack and then Dargon Dance once and hopefully outspeed its competition.
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    Rate my team (dilemma...)

    Well first off anything Scarfed (or even not) with Flamethrower and dark Pulse can kill 3 of your 6 team, with that being Reuniclus, ferrothorn, and Scizor all of which have low speed (this is assuming Trick Room has not been up yet or is down ofcourse) Second, you really need explanations...
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    Hello and Welcome! [OU RMT]

    How does the Sandstorm boost his Special Defense? I know it boosts evasion rate/Chance to miss but thats it