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    Trade Forum Blacklist

    So I was traded a shiny Druddigon by somebody named Ethan (same name as me) and it was shiny, but I didn't feel it was real, and wanted to get rid of it. The guy on the forum (aj2886) was looking for a shiny Druddigon, so I then traded it with him, and then he started saying I'm a scammer??? Idk...
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    Why Can't People Get It Right? Annoying Things and Pokémon

    Ugh hate that. Anyway, I hate when people pronounce move names wrong such as Facade being pronounced fay-kade instead of fuh-sod and Guillotine is another example, gill-a-teen instead of gee-a-teen. Don't even get me started on Gyarados.
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    #621 Druddigon

    Again, I still have a shiny druddigon. Just want an evolutionary stone besides dawn stone.
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Very cool thoughts! I think that the new forms will PROBABLY be inter-tradable with White/Black because, if you've ever done large research into Kyurem, he has two possible moves that could be linked to the forms: Freeze Shock (probably Black Kyurem) and Ice Burn (White Kyurem). These are real...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Can't choose! >.<
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    #489 Phione / #490 Manaphy

    I can provide Phione. Looking for items PM me
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    #570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

    I can get Zoruas! Looking for Dusk Stones.
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    #081 Magnemite / #082 Magneton / #462 Magnezone

    Soon to have a Magnezone level 32 Mild with Magnet Pull ability.
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    Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

    Need to evolve my two Machokes and my Feebas. Pm me if you will help! You could trade me trade evolves at the same time or I could give you a Zorua or something afterwards.
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    I, like many others, need evolutionary items. I really need the following: Sun Stone x3 Moon Stone x5 Thunder Stone x2 Water Stone x6 Leaf Stone x3 Dusk Stone x3 Oval Stone x2 I can trade the following: DeepSeaTooth x1 Dubious Disc x1 Heat Rock x9 Icy Rock x4 Protector x1 Razor Fang x2...
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    #090 Shellder / #091 Cloyster

    Looking for any female Dream World Cloyster or Shellder with Skill Link! I can get Sneasels with Ice Punch, Zoruas, any breedable 5th gen pokemon, any breedable 4th gen pokemon, and might find another thing to give if you would please trade me a Dream World, Skill Link Cloyster or Shellder...
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    #621 Druddigon

    I have a shiny druddigon. pm with offers
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    Adventure Time Club!

    I'm here with an important thing to tell Grovyl. You were a pretty cool dude. I have been into Halo (and still am) and I have been away for a long time. Anyway, I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about you and the other members. This is just something I thought needed to be said...
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    How much of your pokedex is done?

    National Seen: 537 Obtained: 309 Unova Seen: 153 Obtained: 153 I'm a happy camper
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    Adventure Time Club!

    The latest episodes were pretty cool =) Sorry guys I've been wrapped up in Halo achievements for xbox =/ So far I have all achievements for 3/4 games. Only two more then I will probably get back to pokemon =) p.s.- If you play xbox you can add me my gamertag is UGunnaDIE1221 (and I might be...
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    Adventure Time Club!

    yoyoyo guys sorry ive been caught up in other things
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    o im good and me too lol like the pic

    o im good and me too lol like the pic
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    need a sun stone!!! pm me plz
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    no moar banz!

    no moar banz!
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    A Quick Question from a new guy

    -Grinning Archivist: What is a flee flag my man? -Fire Arusus. It is a club where competitive friends come together and fight other groups of battlers (clans).