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    [CHECK FIRST POST] BW044 - DON Battle! (Part 4 Discussion ONLY)

    Evolutions probably don't dictate new ops. The marketability of the op does. How long since the last op, if the next op is special(like moeyo gizamimi pichu being released w/ m12, even if it was an ed its just an example) it may dictate when the previous one should end, and when the cds should...
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    BW Team Rocket Discussion

    yea because losing 1/3622591951321 duels means the main character is a bad duelest. I don't know any viewer who sits on their seat and actually worries about the outcome of the duel(and if applicable, 'death') because you can pretty much assume who is going to win. That was the point I was...
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    Could the Battle Club be a Replacement for Contests?

    I can summarize the main post as "its not replacing contests but replacement for small mini-arcs". In which I respond, we basically knew this since the preparation for the second gym battle.
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    [CHECK FIRST POST] BW044 - DON Battle! (Part 4 Discussion ONLY)

    Hasn't tackle been used plenty to beat rock types? Even if pikachu is using iron tail non-stop with some kinda of "electrify the field and indirectly use electric attacks to beat'em" on the side, i don't care. Promotion-wise there aren't very much moves for pikachu to use. This is the anime not...
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    BW Team Rocket Discussion

    I find the bolded part not a valid reason. At the beginning of a saga we all know ash make it to the league, he'll beat 8 gym leaders, etc. At the end of the day its a kids show, like yu-gi-oh, you know at the beginning of every duel the main character will always win. Repititveness like...
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    Thoughts on BW now nearly halfway in?

    But this thread is discussing the saga in Unova. Cyber himself said the filler saga wasn't included which means it could have only been referring to Unova as a whole taking 4 years.
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    Do you think they'll show off the Carnival Aspects of Nimbasa City?

    8 episodes is two months... and if each is episode is about 25 minutes, thats 200 minutes... I can see them staying there for a while but 8 episodes no. 3-4 episodes is probably the maxmium they'll spend there, and 5 if there is a gym rematch.
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    BW 037: Roggenrola

    Oh dear, I had thought you were being satirical and sadly this is an actual arguement :0. Personally I'm hoping he captures Roggerola #4, its my lucky number, *crosses fingers*.
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    Thoughts on BW now nearly halfway in?

    This made me lol, I'm hoping i misread the sarcasm in this post because there is no way best wishes will last for 4 years.
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    Gym Leader Signature Pokemon

    I don't think there's anything wrong with revealing gym leader's signature pokemon early on. For example in DP they waited till the end of DP to make Gallade's non-movie debut. It kind of makes it so they appear for only on episode in the saga and pretty much get blown over after their debut...
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    BW 036: The Dragon Buster appears! Iris and Excadrill!!

    Really? Seeing mamoswine have one eye open while watching dawn compete then pretending it wasn't looking at all when everyone noticed was what made mamoswine's transformation better for me. It showed it wasn't an overnight kind of thing. The gradualness made it more believable and made it more...
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    BW 037: Roggenrola

    Where did this shiny discussion even begin? I'm excited for this episode just because I like Roggenrola, its one of my instant favorites from this gen.
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    BW 038: Sommelier Detective Dento! The Tabunne Disappearance Case!!

    I don't think it is specific to connoisseurs... Just some cool title they add to make it seem more interesting. Like the dub's "Doc Brock" episode.
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    Concerning Oshawott's Ability.

    Using its shell is hardly different from Sinvy using vine whip to parent emolga. I doubt its anything special. It would be cool don't get me wrong, but I just don't see it happening.
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    BW 023-024 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma (Parts 1 & 2)

    Animation is done months before air. Having TR return to their white uniforms on the *first* episode after the disaster, its hard to believe that they changed the episode on such short notice.
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    New Ending song to premiere with BW029

    I admit my opinion wasn't too good at first. But after hearing it a few times, its not that bad, especially when he's actually singing. Listen to the original ieru ka na's a while and it'll make see it in a better light.
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    BW032 - An Enamored Cottonee Rides the Wind!

    I'm usually not for speculating captures, but since cottonee appears in the pokemon smash opening(where keep in mind every pokemon there is owned by a main cast trainer, except for cottonee, hinting that it will be someone's pokemon) and whimsicott is the perfect match for iris =P, I hope Iris...
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    BW030 - The Path to Becoming a Dragon Master! Axew VS Druddigon!!

    Kibago will likely evolve. But definitely not anytime soon, somewhere past the halfway mark of the saga. I also doubt this girl will be a recurring rival, but who knows. At least Kibago is getting some character development. Iris has been getting so good screentime these past weeks, i hope this...
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    BW 023-024 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma (Parts 1 & 2)

    I clearly said, even a month or two isn't enough for Japan to get over this ordeal. But its much better than releasing it almost immediately after the disaster. Even if being postponed is just 'words', just 'words' is plenty more than ridiculous fan speculation.
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    BW 023-024 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma (Parts 1 & 2)

    Not only is Global Link an entirely different problem(its like saying, my homework assignment yesterday was postponed, so now i believe i'll never see TR arc!), but they were closed for different reasons. Global Link was delayed because of faulty planning and not having the server power to hold...