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    Metalheads? anybody?

    Just thought I'd poke in and post the artwork for Opeth's upcoming album. It's raised quite a few eyebrows. http://i.imgur.com/otlsM.jpg
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    I'm gonna pop back in to mention that I'm currently in love with Crom's Vengeance. Not sure if anyone else has heard it, but this album (in particular, "The Stars Will Fall") has reminded me how much I love viking metal. Anyone want to recommend me more Crom-like viking bands, with clean vocals...
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    Indeed... What do you think of it? I've given it a few listens... "Starblind", "Isle of Avalon" and "The Talisman" were rather enjoyable, but I absolutely LOVE "When the Wild Wind Blows" (it's been on repeat for a good hour now, easily my new song obsession). However, the rest of The Final...
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    Secret Life, Pretty Little Liars, Huge, and Make it or Break It.

    My friend made me start watching Pretty Little Liars. It's...a very guilty pleasure. I'm not fond of any of the main characters, really, but Lucas is just sweet. :) I love the idea of Hanna falling for him, it really is cute. I have mixed feelings about Sean, though... On one hand, it AMAZES me...
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    Your favourite concert?

    I did too, and yes, they were fantastic. However, my personal favorite would have to be Maiden's first concert of The Final Frontier tour, opened by Dream Theater. Seriously, MIND=BLOWN
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    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    "Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)" - Orphaned Land Mabool Awesome.
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    Ononokusu Pen Sketch

    ...Wow. It's been YEARS since I bothered to post anything here. >.> Not sure why I am now, but oh well, here he is. http://cheeguar.deviantart.com/#/d2ss0iu I almost never draw anything nowadays, but Ononokusu was so awesome that I had to try him out. This was my first shot at him, and I...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'd say they're doing quite well for themselves after nearly 500 Pokemon. Not that I love all the new releases. I was wtfing at the 3 unnamed ones, mainly. Anyway though, aside from my favorite (Mr. Bugdragon), I'm having high hopes for the sarcophagus ghost. I love the concept and can't...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Triple battles? fml The dragon centipede is one sexy beast, though. Who else thinks it could be this gen's pseudo-legend powerhouse?
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    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    "This King Never Smiles" - A Hill to Die Upon Infinite Titanic Immortal
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    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    "Vessel" - While Heaven Wept Vast Oceans Lachrymose aka, my current obsession. I've listened to nothing but this for days now. It's too ridiculously beautiful.
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    Hi! Whats your name?

    ...I like valkyries. I wouldn't have added the "X" if the name Valkyrie weren't taken at the time.
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Nah, hope isn't lost yet. One screenshot of the Zorua/Celebi event showed the respective Pokemon standing next to their trainers (as well as two other Pokemon whose identities I can't determine). It's unclear if this is an event-only situation, but either way, it's certainly possible that a...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Agreeing with this. Makes me think of Ralts and its evolutions. I highly doubt Munna will turn out to be a Drowzee pre-evo, so I'm having high hopes for it. I'm guessing it'll become some sort of elephant or anteater, both of which I'd appreciate.
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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Assuming these rumors are true: @ 157 new Pokemon additions: Totally awesome. That just means more potential for new favorites. @ "Large green snake" to compliment Reshiram and Zekrom: Yeah it's not like Rayquaza is a huge green serpentine box legend or anything. Wtg. @ Minotauros: LOVE this...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Chiramii is completely adorable, his design is sweet and simple. I love chinchillas, glad we're finally getting one this gen. :D Meguroko is my personal favorite revealed in this issue, though. He's SUCH a cute little dark type with that face of his. :D I'm really, REALLY hoping he'll evolve...
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    Favorite Song

    For the longest time, my favorite song was "More than a Feeling" by Boston, since it was the song that single-handedly changed my perspective on music when I was still a mainstream junkie. And it'll always have its own special place in my heart. However, Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" has...
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    Dream Theater did very well, though LaBrie's vocals were kind of hit or miss (his voice came out as an odd, pitchy squeal in some songs). Since they were only opening, they played several tracks many are familiar with. They kicked off with "As I Am" and then played "A Rite of Passage" from Black...
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    Just got back from the concert, and I am just blown away. Dream Theater and Maiden were both incredible, nothing less. Maiden focused more heavily on their newer stuff, playing several tracks from Brave New World and A Matter of Life and Death, but they did play a few classics like "Hallowed Be...
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    Do you dress according to the music you listen to?

    Nope. People tend to be taken aback when I tell them my musical tastes... I'm very much into fashion and enjoy wearing cute stuff for the season in various styles. Whether it's a colorful dress, feminine top, or statement accessory, I'll wear anything that's visually flattering and/or trendy...