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  1. Yardas

    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    The Chameleons - Thursday's Child Script Of The Bridge (1983)
  2. Yardas

    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread

    Right now I'm about to challenge the dark-type Team Star's squad. Before this I got my hands on the second badge (grass-) and defeated titan Bombirdier. My Pokémon at the moment are Floragato (26), Hisuian Zorua (24), Buizel (24), Flaaffy (25), Mankey (23) and Lycancroc [Midnight] (26).
  3. Yardas

    Which starter trio is your favorite?

    It's Unova because Serperior is like my favourite Pokémon even though the other two are pretty great as well. Yes, Serperior's jester traits are just that awesome and don't let me start daydreaming about its hidden ability usage.
  4. Yardas

    Favorite Simian pokemon?

    Passimian is absolutely beautiful and I like it a lot, especially because of its looks kind of reminding me about grass-type which I thought it was at first feel. Infernape, Ambipom, Slaking and Primeape are some of my favourite Pokémon as well, while I do find Oranguru and Thwackey to be cute too.
  5. Yardas

    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread

    Spent quite some time walking around the routes located after the west door of Mesagoza, then went to Cortondo and got my first gym badge (bug-type) by beating Katy. My Pokémon at the moment are Floragato (16), Hisuian Zorua (15) and Buizel (15).
  6. Yardas

    Diamond and Pearl. Originals or Remakes? NOT Platinum.

    I only played the Platinum & Brilliant Diamond versions and I must say, hands down, that the former was a lot more enjoyable to me back in the day than what the latter appeared to offer a few months ago. In all seriousness, I'd even say I struggled to get to the end of the Sinnoh remake since it...
  7. Yardas

    Do you guys still remember GBA and Pokemon!

    I surely do, even though I only played one cartridge through it, that being Pokémon Ruby. You could also play the old GBC cartridges through GBA.
  8. Yardas

    Favorite pika clone?

    Either Pachirisu or Morpeko, but at the end of the day I'd head for the latter because of its "double personality" gimmick and unique type combination.
  9. Yardas

    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread

    Just bought Pokémon Violet, yesterday, and picked Sprigatito as my starter. Nothing more for now, hope to find soon my time to give this game a proper playthrough.
  10. Yardas

    Favorite fire pokemon starter?

    It is Fennekin even though I'm literally dying inside due to the desire of using Delphox in the newer Pokémon games. Why both Unova and Kalos starters who aren't Greninja still don't make their return? As for Delphox, I love this Pokémon because of the gothic and mystical looks it features in...
  11. Yardas

    Which are your favorite kantonian pokemon?

    It's impossible to only choose one. I'd say that my favourite Pokémon of the Kanto region are the starters (Blastoise in particular), Pidgeot, Raichu, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Poliwrath, Alakazam, Gengar, Primeape, Magneton, Exeggutor, Kangaskhan, Starmie, Magmar, Electabuzz, Lapras, Snorlax...
  12. Yardas

    Which Of The Two Other Kalos Starters Is The Second Most Popular?

    I really couldn't care less about who's more popular between the three starters of a region. Just like you apparently do, I enjoy Delphox the most out of the nine stages of the Kalos starters and this is the only thing that matters. A true lion should not lose sleep over the opinion of a flock...
  13. Yardas

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    Not sure if this one belongs here but I often get surprised by the way certain people spread such negativity and toxicity (am I right, Reddit?) over hating on an individual Pokémon, especially when talking about starters. Nothing wrong with disliking something, of course, but I think having a...
  14. Yardas

    Favorite Kalos Gym Leader?

    I liked Korrina and her character development both in the games and anime. It also helps the fact she owns Mega Lucario who's one of my favourite mega evolved forms. Olympia gets a honorable mention from me because of 1) Anistar City being one of the nicest locations in the Kalos region and 2)...
  15. Yardas

    What is your oldest Pokémon game memory?

    Throwing the master ball on some random Krabby in Pokémon Blue and then realizing I could have used it on Zapdos for example(?). I surely didn't know about the true effect of that particular item back in the day.
  16. Yardas

    Favorite water starter pokemon?

    I actually went with the water-type starter during the original three generations but, being nostalgic over Johto, no doubt Totodile's my favourite. Feraligatr was coloured weird in Gold/Silver, like a dull green instead of light blue.
  17. Yardas

    Reshiram or Zekrom?

    Reshiram's provided with one of the most devastating type combinations in dragon- and fire- which I prefer over Zekrom's electric-. Both are awesome because of their colours, however, since white's singular concerning fire- Pokémon while the same applies for black and electric-type in general...
  18. Yardas

    Who is your favorite bird starter pokemon?

    Rowlet's my favorite of the group because I enjoy the variety appearing on its whole evolutionary chain, ranging from flying- to ghost-type - with the latter being rather unusual for a starter Pokémon.
  19. Yardas

    What was it like playing Pokémon Red and Green when they first can out in early 1996?

    Pokémon Red and Blue were released in Europe during 1999. I wouldn't have any idea about 1996 but I can spread a few words of what was it like playing in early 2000, when I started with the Blue version. I played the latter through the original Game Boy, the one in black and white, and I'd say...
  20. Yardas

    Which Johto Starter Is Your Favorite Based On The Middle Stage Only?

    Being fond of the Johto water-type starter myself, I am definitely going to pick Croconaw. It looks cute and its caveman traits are unmatched if you ask me.