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    About Surge. I assume you talked to everyone inside the Gym, as in absence of family, they are...

    About Surge. I assume you talked to everyone inside the Gym, as in absence of family, they are the next best thing Surge has. Have you tried people on the Power Plant? They probably know enough about Surge to give his Phone number. IDK... I'm just guessing.
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    D/P "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Challenge

    Brandy, take a Pink Cleffa. Evolve to Clefairy whenever you want, but to Clefable only after seeing a Mantyke.
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    pokedex holders reunion

    I might be wrong but I believe one of the Deoxys from the FrLg arc fled to Sinnoh, didn't it? I believe they'll eventually meet because of that.
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Jack Phoenix, you're having a Rampardos, named PotatoHead. However, HE must learn Zen Headbutt before evolving. If you choose not to teach HIM Zen Headbutt, then HE is not allowed to evolve.
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    New Sprite Discussion

    Good Ones: Raichu is just adorable, Pikachu is cute too. Torterra is better than DP, but still lacks something. Kricketune looks pretty (Off-Topic: It's new movepool looks pretty too) Roserade is gracious. Budew... is... too... adorable... impossible... not to... hug!! Combee is so cute...
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    Interesting stuff

    That's the guy. Give him two more good Pokémon, evolve it's Kadabra and BAM! We have a great Champion. Something like: Manetric, Swellow, Shiftry, Alakazam, Milotic and Camerupt. It actually came from one episode of Friends where Rachel and someone else steals a blue shirt and give an...
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    Ash's Team

    I highly doubt he will evolve Buizel. My bet for his team by the end of the DP series is: Pikachu Starapator Grotle Monferno Buizel Gliscor
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    ~ Official Rotom Forms Discussion ~ All Formes Revealed~!

    I just wish they made it with different types for different formes... It would be nice to use a Fire/Ghost, a Water/Ghost and so on... Anyway, why isn't there Shiny Sprites for alternate formes yet?
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    Interesting stuff

    Yes, that's him. Also, the Anime also shows Vito as the older son of the Winstrate family. He has Swellow, Kadabra, Manetric and Shiftry.
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    Conversion 2 changes your Pokemon's type to a type that resist/has immunity against the last offensive move used by the foe, not to a type that is strong against the foe.
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    Interesting stuff

    You can't say anything about the RSE timeline if you don't think about the Time Machine. If the Pokémon "migrate" they could live in the Pal Park for 3+ years, and then a Time Machine wouldn't be necessary. Yeah, they never seemed the rival-type to me too, not to mention their team is always...
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    Interesting stuff

    That's exactly what I was asking in the Possible Pokemon Timeline thread (too lazy to look for a link). The answer was the same one that I always saw as the only possible: The possibility to link between FrLg and RSE games without a time machine. The machine Celio builds only makes long distance...
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    Interesting stuff

    Well, considering the most believed in timeline, RSE events happen before GSC events, so by the time Gold starts his journey, Norman would have already moved to Hoenn. Well, they needed something to spice up the plot, so they decided to create a "True Champion", like in GSC. So they had to...
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    the cutest legendary pokemon?

    Land Forme Shaymin is just adorable! And Another Forme Giratina can be quite cute too.
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    The Official Dex Changes Thread

    What gives you people the idea that Ninetales is going to be in the new Sinnoh Dex? Ninetales has nothing to do with any new Pokemon and no reason to be in that Dex. I'd sure love that, but apart from that TCG thing nothing indicates Ninetales in the Platinum Sinnoh Dex. And I do hope to...
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    Ash's Team

    I have the feeling Ash is going to Oak Gliscor sometime soon, and then catch another Pokémon. I wish he also Oaks Chimchar and Buizel, so he could catch a few nice Pokémon, I hate those two.
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    Wouldn't do it. A Pokemon's gender is determined by it's personality value, which does not chance once the pokemon have been created. You suggesting an equivalent of leveling a Pokemon to it's evolution level and keep turning off unitl it became a shiny. Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun...
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    G/S/C Help Thread

    Does anyone know of somewhere I can find a list of items held by Pokemon traded from Generation I games?
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    Possible Pokemon Timeline

    I'd like to know why people say that RBY happens at the same time as RSE... However, I agree with devilry, DP takes place some time after GSC, maybe one year?
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    Serebii.net Update: Wednesday: Possible Platinum Enhancement

    Serebii's idea seems to fit. If I'm not mistaken, it includes all legendary Pokemon (including Regi trio, as they can be caught in Platinum) caught in Sinnoh, as well as all Pokemon that has a evolutionary connection to a Gen IV pokemon. Don't think GF will over think this and probably make...