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    Was the series reboot really for the best?

    What are you talking about? I never said anything about bringing old characters back.
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    Was the series reboot really for the best?

    I honestly don't think it was. The continuity of the series and familiarity of characters such as Ash, TR, and Brock is what made the anime so great and accessible to both new and old fans. But now that the writers have seemingly flushed all that down the toilet and are starting from...
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    Will Paul get his cameo in BW??

    If Dawn does then I think he will too since he was the only other new character that played a big role in DP.
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    Don george?

    I think he'll just be a reoccurring character that will pop up every once in a while.
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    Are you surprised none of the DP characters survived the BW transition?

    I wasn't surprised at all. Since the writers stated that BW was to be a reboot for the series, it was expected.
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    The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice (663)

    I doubt it. Even if Pokabu were to get Oak'd, it wouldn't be this soon.
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    Iris attitude towards bonding with other pokemon.

    The writers clearly want BW to be like Kanto, so it's more than likely Tsutarja is going to Ash.
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    What was your favorite new Type introduced in G/S/C?

    Steel Types. They're very durable and have great resistances.
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    What Was Your Favorite Pokemon From G/S/C

    Scizor. It's design is one of the best.
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    Who did YOU choose?

    Pearl - Piplup Platinum - Turtwig
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    The new Team Rocket

    I'm personally not a fan of the new TR. DP made them great, BW made them boring.
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    People should prefer fast pace over slow pace

    People should be entitled to their own opinions. I personally find some fillers entertaining.
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    Does Ash still have Gliscor?

    It's either with McCann or Prof. Oak.
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    So, This Faster Pace They've Been Talking About...

    I'm all for faster pacing, but not when it's rushed like BW has been so far.
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    How should Dawn return in Best Wishes?

    I don't know exactly how she'll return due to the absence of Contest, but I'm quite sure she will, mainly because all the former girls have. I don't see why the writers would treat Dawn any differently.
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    How do you Rank BW So far?

    It's too early for me to rank it, but so far, it's off to a bad start. The first thing wrong with BW is that it's simply rushed. It's only been 4 episodes and Ash nearly has a full team. It's boring due to the lack of comedy that was once provided by TR. Pokemon was never a serious anime...
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    Where is mamepato?

    Everything is wrong. Mamepato is with Ash in it's pokeball, we're only 4 episodes into BW so there's no need to complain about how many battles it's been in.
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    Just because Ash's Infernape has Blaze doesn't mean hes one of Ash's top pokemon.

    How does defeating 8 Gym Leaders Pokemon NOT show it's strong? That's ridiculous. And we all know Type Advantages are rarely of importance in the anime, so you can't really downplay Infernapes wins because of them.
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    Iris attitude towards bonding with other pokemon.

    I think it's just a temporary running gag and will end when Ash captures Tsutarja.
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    The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice (663)

    Starters are a main part of the games and the anime is a promotional tool for the games, so they will always end up on the main cast and Ash will always have at least one.