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  1. Karnine

    Scarlet and Violet user friendly map

    App version is available for Android maybe apple devices. (not done by map genie by a different dev) here > Paldea Map app
  2. Karnine

    Scarlet and Violet user friendly map

    Other then serebii.net map on there here https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/paldea/ which doesn't work to well with tablets like android or apple only works well with PC you can go to https://mapgenie.io/pokemon-scarlet-violet/maps/paldea-region better for tablets or phones they may later down the...
  3. Karnine

    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    LF: Quaxly FT: Spriatito and Fuecoco
  4. Karnine


    Can you breed it I can give the cat or give ether I have both gender cats an crocs I can use in breed 1 croc hatched ready 1 cat hatched ready
  5. Karnine


    I am looking for the duck water starter I can breed the cat an croc
  6. Karnine

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    from trailer at end they are taking legends Arceus from the looks of it lat 2022 so November again as always
  7. Karnine


    LF: nothing at the moment FT:Shiny Geodude,Shiny Machoke Extra FT: Alpha Eevee,Cherubi
  8. Karnine

    New Pokemon & Hisuian Variants - Discussion Thread [Use SPOILER Tags]

    them data miners are far ahead of serebii. data miners get everything before
  9. Karnine

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Spoiler for legend Arceus Pokedex
  10. Karnine

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I found the best gameplay trailer yet
  11. Karnine

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    proof that Arceus theme exist. If it part of the OST it can mean yes well will get Arceus in the future but who knows when
  12. Karnine

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Well it being Pokemon Mythicals are always post game at times some are locked an not locked behind post game. An free stuff is great if you enjoy Pokemon as a hole Also O-Power was Kalos O-Powers (Japanese: Oパワー O-Power) are temporary bonus effects that are used from the Player Search System...
  13. Karnine

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    (It’s very likely that once Pokémon Legends: Arceus is released that players will be able to catch the Alpha Pokémon in that game and transfer it back to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but that is currently unknown. We'll update this guide when new information is available. There...
  14. Karnine

    Elite 4 an Champion (Outragous)

    You know they made the the elite 4 to hard it's outrageous. Don't plan to buy the games for kids it is not beginner friendly or a good intro to new players who don't know Pokemon or played it before. Any way going back to the Elite 4 an Champion it's like welcome to competive side which is...
  15. Karnine

    Grand Undergound (current) Old Plat Map

    here the Undergound map Locations from real platinum guide book bonus map the locations are better then than that old image I put use above ^
  16. Karnine

    How different might these games have turned out if Game Freak had directly developed them?

    BD an SP are great actually. It brings back memory's of the Orginal D an P on 3ds man it's like I am playing it all over again
  17. Karnine

    Live action series Netflix

    What do you think? I been seeing this lately talked about
  18. Karnine

    Pokémon UNITE General Thread

    reveal official trailer probly more balance nerf an buff soon since they revealed this 10k is to much it takes forever when you have friends in a high rank an no one in your same rank it's kinda lame I think
  19. Karnine

    Max Lair question...

    Funny I am giving Shiny Zamazenta event code for Sword only video game side if you want the code. Requires USA console Sword game only. I am only giving 1 code away while it last. I will pm you who ever post here good luck. Code does not work for Shield Sorry if it's off topic but code is...
  20. Karnine

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Well, it is to be known that Arceus is indeed a Mythical. Therefore it has always been event based. If you remember the original Diamond an Pearl games Arceus was only accessible only by Action Reply aka cheating only because #Blame Game Freak for thinking it was to hard to understand to kids...