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    Cloning glitch in D/P

    i dont trust this i am colonists on emerald but im just scared of corrupting the game data and loosing all my rares on diamond
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    GTS Cloning GLitch

    although im in the pro clonning i dont really think this looks safe??
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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    i just caught a shiny stunky yay for me!!!!
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    Pro-Cloning Club 2.0

    i have 3 more shinys left
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    Pro-Cloning Club 2.0

    i love clonning and as a way of saying thank u im giving away free shiny to the first 5 people who pm 1 cache i live in europe so u have to w8 till 27th july sorry but i do have shiny deoxys-LEGIT shiny mew-LEGIT celebi-LEGIT jirachi-LEGIT
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    The PokeRus FAQ

    thanks alot for the guide know i know were amy pokerus has gone from my charizard
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    Where to find Bagon?

    hes near tm dragon claw and the dragon tammer somewhere
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    Runescape Club! (Psi approved)

    CAN i JOIN PLAYING RUNESCAPE FOR 3-4YEARS name:gilgaland level:87 note i dont play that much but i will start soon
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    About the emerald clonning glitch

    but the emulators dont have internal batteries do they???
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    My 5th Generation

    wow brilliant but i dont like oakly final evolution
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    About the emerald clonning glitch

    i was wondering, because on youtube their are some videos of the cloning glitch but when they turn the game back on it sometimes says THE INTERNAL BATTERAY HAS RUN DRY TIME BASED EVENTS WILL NO LONGER OCCUR is their anyway of not doing this p.s i didnt use the sticky as their is no-one...
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    Hi I'm five and I am another person now at this website :)

    wow 5 year old serebii makes me look cool in ICT lessons now :)
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    How You Evolve Pokemon That Need to Be Traded... WITHOUT Trading!...

    this really does look intresting iu hope nintendo dont get rid of it when it comes to europe
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    Shedninja help

    evolve nincanda and have a spare slot
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    that totally sucks its like seeing a shiny latias with no masterball or pokeballs but worse
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    Gameshark: Good or Bad??

    gameshark s sometimesw reset your game so dont risk it unless you have a dud game (pirated or somin)
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    birth island

    you need mystic ticket i think or was it auroa ticket
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    how do you get hyperlinks to thread for example im in pro clonning club how do i get it to say pro clonning club in a hyperlink please help thxs
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    gold and silver trading with ruby and sapphire

    sorry uncompatible gba and gb games cant connect sorry