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    So why did Viz stop it's English production?

    I don't fully understand WHY they stop the translation, but it probably had to do with loss of money, and decline of intrest back then. But Pokemon is making a come back these days, after the Diamond and Pearl's release. Little kids are collecting cards again, a BUNCH of people I'd LEAST...
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Isnt it!? ^^ AMV? It's not a AMV. But sure! :D Wow...I found an UBER cute pic. http://michikusa.main.jp/d-288.jpg From that uber awesome chick: http://michikusa.main.jp/ x]
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    Pokeshipping general discussion

    Heh 'Lo. :3 I know my post might seem a lil' random, but I'm in a Pokeshippy mood because of this --> http://youtube.com/watch?v=-hgfsBRLkkQ ^____^ I had no idea Misty REALLY had something. All other Ash/[insert name here] doesn't acutally add up to me anyway. D: And about the new voices...
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    Website counters?

    Ahh kay...(I posted this on the RIGHT forums this time! =] ) So, OKcounter.com deleted my account, and my counter for my site =P and it won't let me get a new account. Google doesn't help much. When I search for "website counters" they give me generic counter websites with large ads on...
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    Colosseumshipping General Discussion

    Hi guys! =D I'm back! (from a long time ^^; ) Just wanna see how it's going on these forums =] I'm glad to see more and more people lovin' this ship! Eee...heart you all. *hugs!* Anyways, I want to bring up this same subject I put on Hoennshipping Thread earlier. Just want to get...
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    YOUR OWN manga!!!!!

    Dang... .-. Everyone has such cool manga ideas... This thread is inspiring xD! Yeah, I guess I have an idea for a manga, but I really don't wanna share it now. I don't want people to steal my ideas 'n' such. =[ I'll just share some general terms anyway =] Title-[Don't want to...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Hey again! Woot! I've once again spontaneously emerged :D... Sorry to go off topic or anything...but I'm wondering... What kind of relationship do you think Brendan/May would have? Just wanna know everyone's opinion =/ Examples would be: -Opposites Atract (In Ruby and Sapphire's...
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    Good Host

    Sitesled.com I recently re-hosted my site on there, and lovin' it =) If you need details 'bout it, just check out the FAQ stuff on there. =D
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    Is it time for Ash to step down?

    Oh...I love this. 8D After watching Pokemon for years now, I have come to a conclusion that Ash is pretty much a static (is that the right word for it?), non-dynamic, character, who get ALL the credit, and now has lost all appeal to me ever since the end of the Jhoto seasons, and the...
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    Colosseum VS XD

    I choose Colosseum over XD. XD is better than Colosseum graphic wise, but with storyline and plot, Colosseum beats it by a mile. =3 XD seemed too redundant for me...everything was...extremely the same, o_0 and I hated starting with a low level Eevee. Starting the pokemon levels at 25...
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    Couple Claiming Thread Version 3.0!

    Yay ^_^ It's up again! I'd like to request claiming the ships Rui/Wes from Pokemon Colosseum. And Sakura/Naruto from Naruto. If anyone else before me already claimed it, than it's okay ^_^ Thank you! =D
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    I like resurrecting old topics :D How do you think Brendan and May met for the first time? I'd agree with hikari_blaze. They were probably childhood sweethearts ^_^ Ah =D I wanna read you're one-shot hikari_blaze!!
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Why do you think May goes better with Brendan than Ash/Drew/etc.? (Is this topic dead o_0?) Umm...because it just does XD I loath the anime nowadays (ever since Misty was kicked off >_> and when Ash got a new wardrobe.) I played Sapphire before watching the Hoenn series, then when I did...
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Second generation Hoennshippers? Now there's catagories of people who support ships? Interesting... So...uhh...what does that make me o_0? And about the topic: I see May as a Skitty (I don't know why, but the lil' cute thing seems to fit her) And then Brendan's a minun...(yeah I...
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    ^^^ Can never let go for the world! ^_^ *awwww...* (o_0 I've had this picture FOREVER)
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    The Ruby And Brendan Club!

    What kind of soda do you guys think Brendan and Ruby would drink? Heh heh...that's interesting =] I see Brendan drinking Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb or something >_> Then Ruby would go off drinking a Diet anything XD I don't really drink soda though <_< So I'm not sure what they would...
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    May/Haruka Fan Club

    Yay ^^ thanks! "Wrote off?" What do you mean ;_;?
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    May/Haruka Fan Club

    Hee ^^ that would be cute. By the way, may I join too?! May is awesome!! I love her klutziness =3 It's so ment for her!! Heeheehee... ^^ Aside from my love of May/Brendan, May/Drew seems pretty cute ^^
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    Hoennshipping General Discussion

    Wow...=o that's awesome XD I'd LOVE to see Ash's butt wooped SO BAD like that one day... >_> I dunno...but I feel like the anime (and the movies) are always revolving around him >_< Sure he;s the main character, but you can't ALWAYS have the spotlight on him >_> sheesh...(That's why I kinda want...
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    The Ruby And Brendan Club!

    I'd have to agree on all you're opinions XD; Ruby would look good on the Real World, and I can just picture Brendan sky diving off a cliff just for fun on Fear Factor XD And for the seasons topic: Brendan-Winter. Ruby-Spring. (Spring CLEANING!! Hahaha!) Cool ^^