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    DP131 & 132 - Paul vs Ash

    As much as I'd like to see Pikachu against Magmortar, with this being confirmed it really does make me wonder about Electabuzz...
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    DP131 & 132 - Paul vs Ash

    Then don't make your posts so quotable!
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    DP131 & 132 - Paul vs Ash

    The bold is words that you should have used, mainly conjunctions, whilst the underlined are sentences I've had to completely re-write as they were written in some form of unrecognizable language. Please don't try and insult someone for their English ability ever again :).
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    Rate how well known the above user is. II

    5/10, same. I haven't been on the Games section in an age!
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    8/10, not so sure on the re-colour.
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    Rate how well known the above user is. II

    3/10... Once or twice.
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    ~Guess the age of the above poster~

    14 I'm thinking....
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    Did the writers remember everybody but Richie

    As irritating as Ritchie is, I do find it funny how everybody is saying he is a wannabe Ash - who won again? Anyway I highly doubt he'll reappear, he was a nice little gimmick at the time but has since been forgotten and ultimately unnecessary. If anything I'd prefer to see the Johto bunch at...
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    July 3rd Hour Special (

    Glad to see Swinub's going to have a bit of a personality; Dawn's team isn't exactly blessed with it so far... As for Gary, that's awesome. Despite what a lot of people say I still really rate him as a character and am curious of where the writers are going with his involvement in DP. Like many...
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    What Makes the Diamond/Pearl Anime Better/Worse than Previous Seasons?

    -How are any of the teams weak? Its still incredibly early on, just because you probably started watching when Ash had his BF team - you have to learn he doesn't go uber overnight. -Brock has most definitely had his best season so far, infact I think I can honestly say Brock has become an...
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    I used to be a regular face amongst the animé sort, now I comment occasionally when I get the...

    I used to be a regular face amongst the animé sort, now I comment occasionally when I get the chance... Am trying to come on a bit more though.
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    Infernape or Lucario?

    Why on earth would Turtwig get Oaked?! I think its safe to say that Turtwig is one of the least likely Pokémon Ash has captured to get Oaked this season... Firstly it's a starter, secondly it's one of Ash's most relied upon Sinnoh Pokémon and finally one of his first Sinnoh captures. Turtwig...
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    Infernape or Lucario?

    I really do not see any reason why Ash should have to choose between Infernape and Lucario - I mean who's to say he even gets either of them! Seriously people, he already has six Pokémon, all far more interesting than any he's had before. Let him develop on them before you go thinking about...
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    Dawn leavin, misty returning

    It is not ever happening. Misty has had two regions in which she accomplished the grand total of nothing - Dawn has had half a region in which she has become a pretty interesting character as well as continued contests. Misty needs to stay in her gym making painfully tedious re-appearances as...
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    DP 082 "Croagunk Festival of the Nomose Great Marsh!?" Speculation Thread

    I think gbt11 was implying that Gligar would fall on the Fang in one of its 'crash lands' - which to be honest I think is a brilliant idea. The writers seem to have item-based evolutions happen through the Pokémon rather than the trainers; which would make sense considering Gligar's aptitude for...
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    Chim-Charred! (549)

    Hm, this episode really does make me question Ursarings' survivability on Paul's team. It's a pretty bland Pokémon as it is, but being taken out by something Paul deemed to weak to be on his own team... Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Was really impressed by Gligar and his urge to battle, I can...
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    DP 082 "Croagunk Festival of the Nomose Great Marsh!?" Speculation Thread

    Wasn't sure or not if this had been done so please delete if needs be. Anyway episode looks interesting, Joy with a Croagunk?! A female one too, obviously some "I know how you feel" Brock and Croagunk moments here. Looks like a pretty slapstick episode with little substance, but these...
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    DP081 Speculation Thread

    Don't get me wrong, I am certain that Chimchar will evolve, but I just don't think it will in this episode; Apart from the tag-arc, aftermath episode and the occasional 'blowing off' of TR, Chimchar has had minimal screentime with Ash - considering the writers are evidently going to rush...
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    Next Pokemon Thread (Updated!) **YOUR OPINION =/= FACT!**

    Wob doesn't really count mind, it's basically Meowth after a four year crack binge. I actually think that it is somewhat possible, I mean don't get me wrong I'm not saying he will get one - however the writers do love recycling UO Johto Pokémon at the moment, and, it goes with the whole...
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    We Have Kanto Flashbacks...

    I think it is pretty much another marketing scheme. I mean as XanderCage said not many of the new generation are aware that there even was a Kanto, and the writers want them to go out and buy the DVD's etc. Heck, why'd you think there are all these old movies being summarised in Oak's section...