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  1. J

    B&W Music Discussion

    <3 the low HP theme. Very clever stuff. Also, the TOS violations make utter confusion and rage in me.
  2. J

    Megaman 10 is out.

    I was personally dissapointed with the music, as opposed to MM9 where I pretty much enjoyed every track, there's only a handful out of 10 that even spark my interest. As for the gameplay, I don't really know. I always found Mega Man games to be easy in general and more or less trial and run.
  3. J

    pokemon crystal replacing battarys [help]

    If I remember correctly, CR2025's are often found in DVD remotes. IF not, they're sold at Radioshack for about three bucks.
  4. J

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I don't really get why anyone would say 'too soon'. Back in the day, games' sequels would be out the next year. I'd have thought the faster the better.
  5. J

    Pokémon HGSS Music Discussion/Appreciation Thread

    Some of the songs were put together in a more lackluster way than others, but overall the majority of the songs fit the game's atmosphere.
  6. J

    Spring '10 Anime

    I'd probably want to see one of the anime in the top row. No idea, but thats how it usually is.
  7. J

    Pokemon Remix Project (Album)

    Hey guys, been a while. Took a bit of a break from the whole pokemon thing, but now I'm back on it. I set up a page for the track list, plan to do it out with a fake album cover and whatnot eventually.
  8. J

    Old School Anime

    Daily Toonami. 'Nuff said. Oh, and I'm offended that nobody mentioned Akira.
  9. J

    First game you ever played on a Nintendo console

    Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword for NES. <3
  10. J

    Law suits against nintendo

    Can't say this is the first time something like this has happened. There have been ridiculous pokemon-related lawsuits for the past decade.
  11. J

    What is your favorite music?

    Probably the Gym Leader battle. It sucked, because there were only 8 gym leaders, so I couldn't listen to the music much.
  12. J

    How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

    About 8 ish. I dunno, shortly after, Gold and Silver commercials came around so meh.
  13. J

    Pokemon Remix Project (Album)

    So some time in early 2007, I started arranging some pokemon battles in MIDI format. I'd then upload them to VGmusic. So someone on youtube started uploading on there and taking all the credit. After a few comments on the videos, all of his fans pretty much realized that I had originally done...
  14. J

    Pokémon HGSS Music Discussion/Appreciation Thread

    Rarely is there any fret to linking downloads, just hosting them. So sites like Megaupload would get the most heat if anything went down. A few years back, when Diamond and Pearl were leaked, I actually hosted the songs on a Boxstr site, which is alot more low-key and personal than sites like...
  15. J

    Favorite Music Track of 4th gen so far?

    The music where you encounter Cynthia. Taught myself how to play it on piano shortly after the release.
  16. J

    Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll

    Fox Kids in 2000 = Win Digimon is what made me love Saturdays again, mostly because I was starting to dislike the Pokemon anime.
  17. J

    MY EARS!! Get me some tissue!

    Yu Gi Oh! 5Ds. Pretty much the whole cast. More than half the characters sound exactly like previous season characters. It's the ultimate recycling process.
  18. J

    can you recommend on some anime?

    Tsukihime. The amazing Melty Blood fighting game series is based on it.
  19. J

    Your most embarrassing In-Game Problem?

    I had a big pixel leak in my fat gray gameboy and I thought it was a pokemon and kept trying to chase it.
  20. J

    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    Picked Male because I flipped a coin. It didn't really matter to me.