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  1. J

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Does anyone know which version will contain the original mascot? Eg if I get black would it contain Zekrom-Kyurem AND normal Reshiram or any ideas?
  2. J

    New Pokemon BW/2 Trailer Leaked

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwhnt4ytE3k The OP should update the original post to have this video. Anyway, I have to ask. WHY ISN'T THE ACTUAL ANIME AS GOOD AS THIS?
  3. J

    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I think that it could work in several different ways. First, it could be a continuation of where you left off. Possibly where you play what was previously a side character (Like one of the rivals). Either it would defy formula and start your team at a higher level or at least not at level 5...
  4. J

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Likely after the games go live they'll host events for both 1 and 2 versions. 2 will probably have more intricate events for the pokemon, while 1 will be faster to actually getting them.
  5. J

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Well N was seen releasing the opposite pokemon in the games. Zekrom/Krurem fusion appears in black, the one where the player catches reshiram so...
  6. J

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    http://www.nintendobuzz.com/pokemon-gray-domain-registered/ http://pokemongray.com/ Has been registered as a domain by Melbourne IT DBS who also registered the pokemon black and white domain. I don't know if this counts as confirmation however.
  7. J

    Agnostic, Religious or Atheist

    Agnosticism and Atheism are two totally different things. Atheism deals with the belief in gods (or more specifically the lack of). Agnosticism deals with the knowledge of god or gods (or lack there of).
  8. J

    Annoying Type Weaknesses

    Because like bricks it's smashable, better question is why is steel.
  9. J

    Pokémon History - Should it be explored?

    Didnt' they just use low-tech versions? In 4ever it explores oak's past a little bit I thought he used an 'old fashion' pokeball.
  10. J

    Annoying Type Weaknesses

    Basically immunity from anything, seems silly for example that a ghost is immune to Hyper/Destruction beam. Or that poison jabs have absolutely no effect on something made of steel or what have you. Or why dark is immune to psychic, that's really odd.
  11. J

    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Well that would explain why Entei is useless like flareon.
  12. J

    Battle Haxway

    If I recall the odds change a bit when in the battle subway, the better you're doing the more the game 'compensates' for it. In addition to stronger opponents it also seems to change the odds that moves will hit or not. Let's also not forget that the frontier leaders have infinite PP too...
  13. J

    RNGing in Black and White

    Honestly all this means is everyone's more on an even playing field, able to get the stats they want without having to put needless hours of work. Not everyone has the time or effort to put in all the hours it takes to hatch 500+ eggs without this method.
  14. J

    Suspensions in school

    I have noticed that most bullies typically just act as a suspension is a free day off as apparently their parents don't really seem to care why they got suspended. So I agree with the idea of changing it to in-school suspensions.
  15. J

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Bring shedinja, it can't do jack to shedinja. Besides for that, it has endeavour; Which is a pretty big 'screw you' when on a legendary with it's catch rate. It causes your pokemon's HP to drop to the same level as it, so if you got it at low HP....
  16. J

    Well I'll try and see if I can get one imported.

    Well I'll try and see if I can get one imported.
  17. J

    B/W Glitches Discussion

    Other then the game having a very poorly seeded random number generator I haven't encountered any bugs.
  18. J

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Fits the theme, it would embody Wuji, or the lack of Yin and Yang. It has two secret signature moves, Frost Shock, and Ice Burn. It's name ends the same way that the other two do. KyuREM, ReshiRAM, ZekROM. Their eyes reference the other's elemental type. Reshiram has blue eyes, referencing...