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    WSC Week 76

    My line, it's a Sea Dragon type concept. GOGO SWIRLIES. And maybe the deadline should be extended... cuz four entries is kind of sad.
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    WSC Week 71

    Feraligatr in it's natural rainforest/jungle habitat.
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    WSC Week 69

    ^^^Ahh Zombie Clowns!!!^^^ Anyways... I wanted to do zombified plants. I think the 'Bell line would've worked better for this, but I really like what I did. Cherubi and Cherrim in states of plant decay, that's why there's a mushroom on Cherubi's head. It's not like, mind control fungus or...
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    Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

    Thank you NL! It's beautiful. *Puts in siggy*
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    Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

    This Munchkin would like a Pokemon Badge Pokemon + Espeon (Specifically, if you can, this sprite, if not, just do shiny) Front/Side View? + Front Shiny? + Use colors/Yes And guys, it might be easier if you just google'd GMT and checked there.
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    Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

    :D Thanks Northern, it's amazing! And it's Rayn_Shyu, Not Ryan...
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    Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

    This Munchkin would like a Pokemon Badge Pokemon + Haunter Front/Side View? + Front Shiny? + Yes Please and thank you.
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    WSC Week 65

    Well, this hasn't been taken down yet suuuuu... Espeon using Morning Sun. It's a shared signature move, only Beautifly can learn it by leveling... Growlithe and Ponyta get it by breeding.
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    WSC Week 64

    ...I hope that this works... Suuuuuu. I did this one kinda funky. It's Prey/Predator 'mons AND Complex/Simple colorings. ...If I have to redo Mareep/Finneon I will, but I did not change the shading on them, just added markings so... Prey: Mareep = Sheep. Finneon = Small fishie. Predator...
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    WSC Week 63

    Hmm, Mewtwo looks popular for this... Good: Espeon: Evolved by love in the sun. Arcanine: Generally a good Poke, I think an Officer Jenny rode one before... Raichu: Can create pollutionless electricity, in the Pika line. Bad: Mewtwo: Created to be a battle machine, never loved...
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    WSC Week 60

    Oh boy! I haven't done trainer sprites in a while. It felt refreshing. Sooo... like, these guys are Treasure Hunters. Like Cooltrainers kinda, think of it like that. You can find these guys in the single and double battle varieties.
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    WSC Week 59

    On the left, we have Princess Aurora, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. And on the right we have Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. Dratini wanted to have costumes with sleeves, so I gave her some prosthetic arms, I really hope I don't have to get rid of those... And both sprites started with the...
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    WSC Week 58

    Wurmple> Silcoon > Beutifly. I wasn't originally going to do this, but then I realized that a lot of lines do have very different stages.
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    WSC Week 57

    Retyped Spinarak, with the whole balloon spider dealy-thing in mind. Also added webbing between legs for extra lift and junk and stuff. Also... full scratch. Is that okay?
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    lol, It's okay. It's just that it got a little ridiculous.

    lol, It's okay. It's just that it got a little ridiculous.
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    WSC Week 56

    Here's a Spheal. Go go circular 'mons.
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    Family Feud Poll 1

    XD I'm a girl I_D. I seriously got a chuckle out of this though.
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    Family Feud Poll 1

    Guys, please spell my name right. For Pikachu's sake, my name is not Ryan! C&P can do you wonders... Anyways... snare:It's nice and smoothly put together. Some reason I just really love it's head, looks like it's wearing a marshian helmet or something, makes me smile. -Raiga-: I have to...
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    WSC Week 55

    I wanted to do something fluffy. Ground group: Furret, Houndour, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Luxray.
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    WSC: The 1st Birthday Celebrations: Last Week

    ...Are item glows allowed? Because my sprite would make even less sense than it does now if not. Sprites used: Dragon: Salamance Ground: Geodude Ghost: Duskull Bug: Scyther Rock: Aerodactyl Normal: Furret Dark: Sableye Electric: Ampharos Steel: Magneton Ice: Sealeo Fighting...