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  1. J

    LF: Shiny Tapus TF: Shiny Legends

    LF: Shiny Lele Shiny Bulu Shiny Fini FT: Shiny Uxie Shiny Azelf Shiny Mespirit Shiny Dialga Shiny Palkia Shiny Cresselia Shiny Giratina Shiny Phione
  2. J

    LF: Shiny Necrozma/Lunala - FT: Shiny Litten/Rowlet/Honedge and others

    Hi All, LF: Shiny Necrozma and Shiny Lunala; FT: Shiny HA Litten, Shiny non-HA Litten, Shiny Rowlet, Shiny Honedge (Beast Ball). I also have a decent collection of other shinys, and I have a shiny Pikachu, Cubone & Exeggcute I could evolve into Alolan Forms. PM if interested :)
  3. J

    LF: Shiny Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma. FT: Marshadow, Magearna, Shinys

    Hi all, LF: shiny solgaleo, lunala and necrozma I have Marshadows, shiny tape koko, magearna available as well as a large collection of shinys. Please pm for further information on available shinys. Got plenty of gold bottle caps that can be bundled.
  4. J


    I've got a shiny honedge in a beast ball, do you have any shiny apriball pokemon? Alternatively there are some shiny legends (necrozma) that I'm chasing.
  5. J

    FT: Shiny Littens, Rowlet and Honedge, LF: Shiny Offers

    Hi All, FT: - Shiny HA Litten; - Shiny Non-HA Litten; - Shiny Non-HA Rowlet; - Shiny Beast Ball Honedge LF: Shiny's in apriballs. PM me with offers. Only looking for shiny apriball pokemon.
  6. J

    Shiny beast ball Honedge for trade

    Hi all, Got a double of a shiny beast ball honedge from my shiny hunt, would love to trade it for another shiny. I'm not after anything in particular, but would ideally like a decent shiny (competitive, I don't mind about ivs) in an apriball/beast/dream. Will consider all shiny offers...
  7. J


    Got a beast ball shiny honedge for trade. Looking for other apricorn/beast/dream ball shinys. Pm if interested :)
  8. J

    FT: Shiny HA moon ball dreepy

    Hi All, Accidently posted this thread in the wrong section (sorry mods!) FT: Shiny HA moon ball dreepy, LF: Shiny Impidimp or shiny g-max grimssnarl I'm open to other shiny offers (in apricorn/beast/dream balls) provided that the Pokemon is useful for a semi competitive team. Let me know...
  9. J

    FT: Shiny HA Moon Ball Dreepy

    Hi all, Got a shiny HA moon ball dreepy for trade, searching for a shiny Impidimp in an apricorn ball (preferably a dream ball) or a shiny g-max grimssnarl (in apricorn ball). Open to other series offers (shinys in apricorn balls only) to be used for a semi competitive team. Let me know if...
  10. J

    FT: Shiny Beast Ball Honedge

    Hi all, FT: Shiny Beast Ball Honedge LF: Other shinys in apricorn/beast/dream balls. Ideally I'd love a shiny Impidimp but PM with any and all offers :)
  11. J


    FT: Shiny Beast Ball Honedge (got 2 in 45 eggs after nothing for 2000+.....) LF: Other shinys in apricorn/beast/dream balls but ideally I want an Impidimp. PM with offers if interested
  12. J

    Let's make a Beast Ball Club

    Hey all, I've got beast ball honedge for trade if anyone is interested?
  13. J

    Trading- Zaczementa Lvl 72

    Hey I'm on my phone, can't figure out how to PM. But I've got a Zacian with the rusted sword that I can trade for Zamazenta with the rusted shield?
  14. J


    Hi All, LF: Zamazenta with Rusted Shield G-Max Eevee FT: Zacian with Rusted Sword (will only trade for Zamazenta) G-Max Pikachu (will only trade for Eevee) PM if interested. I've recently been shiny hunting Honedge (600+ eggs and no luck.... Yet) and whilst I was releasing my rejects, I...
  15. J


    LF: Zamazenta (with Rusted Shield) G-Max Eevee FT: Zacian (with Rusted Sword) G-Max Pikachu PM if interested. I'm in AEST so might possibly have to arrange a time that is beneficial (damn timezones!!)
  16. J

    Event Trading Thread

    Hi All, Still searching for a shiny Genesect and/or shiny Arceus. Have a few event pokemon I can trade (nothing too crazy: Marshadow, Diancie, Shiny Tapu Koko) and a couple of pre-gen 6 shiny legends such as the legendary birds, Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-Oh, with the ability to add golden bottle...
  17. J

    Event Trading Thread

    Hi All, Looking for a shiny Genesect or shiny Arceus. I have a few event pokemon I can trade in return, and would be happy to add golden bottle caps! PM me for more details!
  18. J

    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Opened my last meltan box before the event end, managed to get 2 shiny meltan back to back. So now I can have a shiny of each evolution :D:D Debating sending one to let's go, but I think I will wait and see if let's go has connectivity with sword and shield before I do that.
  19. J

    Event Trading Thread

    Hi All, I'm looking to trade for two pokemon specifically: A Zeraora - because Australia always gets screwed over with distributions A shiny Genesect Have for trade: Adament & Hardy Marshadow Quirky Magearna 2 Shiny Tapu Koko Up to 5 Golden Bottle Caps If your interested send me a pm and we...