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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    Hey there all, I'm not too far into X, but I have a question regarding abilities. I caught a Pikachu, who I promptly placed at the head of my party to train. I'm still not sold on the Key Item version of the EXP Share, so I've got that turned off. But when I went back into the grass on Route...
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    Discussion of Serebii.net X & Y Discovery Thread

    The question that's been digging at me doesn't seem to have been answered. Is the Daycare post-E4? I would assume it is, since that seems to be a trend--having either Ditto unavailable until afterwards or not being able to REACH the daycare. (Also, I miss my Vs Seeker. It was the best item...
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    EDIT: NOW IN DISCUSSIONS. Hey all! Username: Ryuu-anima Friend Code: 1893-9035-0148 Best Times for Trading: weekdays 2-5 PM EST, weekends Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: non-seen: Porygon-Z seen but proving to be a pain over GTS: Smeargle, Chatot Other: I have all legendaries registered...
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    I've got a question. I was looking at Viz's website, trying to see how many volumes of Adventures they've released so far (and how many are in each 'section' they're releasing) so that I can make my to-buy list more accurate. However... They didn't list volumes 15-19 (or so) of the main...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Error: The item dex page for the Oval Stone, and likely others, still link to the Rebirth Mountain page, using the pre-localization name for Reversal Mountain. As it turns out, both pages exist--Reversal Mountain is linked through Pokéarth, with up-to-date links to other Unova pages, but the...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    thanks, folks! I figured that the Daycare was a post-game feature, which is depressing, but not unheard of. So now once I get my game, all i have to do is find someone in my dorm with a DS that I can borrow to do an egg/non-egg trade! Huzzah! (I mostly wasn't sure if the wireless spin trade...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Hi there, quick trading question. At least, I hope it's quick. I want to have an Absol on my team in White2, but it's not available for a long time in-game. I can breed it on my White1 game, but I don't want to have it gain the trade bonus when it's in White2. My question is, can an egg be...
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    Sprite Resources

    Hm. I've been looking over at Pokecommunity, but I can't seem to find it. Most of the sprite replacing tutorials are for the Pokémon in-battle, but I'll give it another go-through today.
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    Sprite Resources

    Hm. Good point. It's just a matter of finding out which one is largest, and from there it SHOULD be easy... but I don't know if there is an extra pixel on one side or the other, and I don't want to screw it up. Guess I'll just take the time to measure each of them once I get a chance. Thanks...
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    Sprite Resources

    Hey folks. I don't know when this is going to be seen, but I'll ask here anyway. I'm looking into making overworld sprites for a friend, but I don't know what the sprite dimensions are. I know that battle-screen sprites are 64x64 (we're working from Emerald) but I don't know what the overworld...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Thanks, everyone! This ought to be fun! I can't wait to start. But first, Anime Club.
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Team: Zigzagoon (Rizla): Must know 4 moves with overworld effects to evolve, and cannot learn new moves after evolution. (probable moveset: Cut, Rock Smash, Dig, Secret Power) Lotad: can know surf, must keep Astonish throughout game. Male Ralts: cannot learn Hidden power...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    @Regiultima; So... M!Ralts will have to know Return ASAP, since that's the only non-psychic move it can learn that's not on that moveset and is still offensive. (hooray for moveset charts!) Thanks guys! Current team: Zigzagoon (Rizla): Must know 4 moves with overworld effects to evolve, and...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    @cantab: Thank you! It took me a while to figure out a possible moveset. Entirely TMs and HMs, but should be doable. Current team: Zigzagoon (Rizla): Must know 4 moves with overworld effects to evolve, and cannot learn new moves after evolution. (probable moveset: Cut, Rock Smash, Dig, Secret...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Hey. I'm looking into starting an Emerald Scramble. My set restrictions are: I must have a surfer, but not necessarily a flyer. I'd like to keep my starter, and I cannot trade between versions at all. Aside from that, nothing too terribly late in the game, I like having my team set by Norman...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    I attempted to beat Blue in a Rematch today, having called him up on Sunday after FINALLY getting his number from Daisy. I lost, but I feel that I put up a pretty good fight; I got him down to his last Pokémon, that blasted Double-team spamming Pidgeot. Danged thing. Then, a few minutes ago...
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    Discussion of the Serebii.net Black & White Discovery Thread

    Hm... I was wondering who in Arceus's name the Dark Trinity were, too... I was just over at PLDH.net, and... they have the opening up... it's epic. Serebii, thanks for posting all this info! (pity about the whole 'being up for 40 someodd hours' thing, though...) The plot whispers we get...
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    Discussion of the Serebii.net Black & White Discovery Thread

    Can I just say, regarding the trainer sprites that Wulava posted... WE FINALLY GOT A FEMALE SCIENTIST TO BATTLE?! Or is that Makomo, Aaragi-hakase's friend? I'm so confused, but still... also: Kindergartners? Whats next? (actually, i really do want to see what's next...)
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Sabonea_Masukippa: None of the images work for me, they appear to have been taken down. In related news: am I the ONLY person on this forum who thought of a Daruma doll when I saw Hihidaruma? It's particularly in the eyes and round shape of it's body. And the name and ability, naturally. Here's...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Thanks, BN! Chernandez: Are you looking IN the Safari Zone, or in the area outside it? The Geodude is found in the first area of the zone, and has to be caught in there. The pokémon you're describing are on Route 48, outside the zone. If I understand the instructions on Serebii...