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    Rate The Signature Above You

    banners are okay, need work on the text. 6/10
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    can't say i like the banner, but good sig nonetheless. 8.5/10
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    Uniform schools

    My school's uniform isn't much. No ties or jackets or anything, so I'm fine with uniforms.
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    which one?

    which one?
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    ~ The Pokemon Adventures FanClub ~

    Welcome to club, you guys! =D If you were a Dex Holder of which Region would you be and with who would you team up? I'll be Pearl, of course. I think I'd like to team up with Crystal? Catching Pokemon is fun. And Sinnoh has interesting places and terrain and stuff [stark mountain, snowpoint...
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    Ehh??? Why doesn't Ruby Remember?

    I think he probably does remember, but he doesn't mention it or talk about it. Not yet, anyway~
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    2 questions about katekyo hitman

    Because he was busy in Italy or something. Can't remember. Something to do with the Ninth.
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    merry christmas!

    merry christmas!
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    ~ The Pokemon Adventures FanClub ~

    Aaaaaahhhhh. I haven't been here since forever. Which volume would you think each pair of Gym Leaders in appear in? 32 - Maylene and Wake 33 - Fantina and her Mismagius 34 - Candice with ? Volkner would probably be paired up with Flint, but I can't predict in which volume at the moment.
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    Pokemon Special Volume 30 (cover and backcover on P.2)

    So it's finally out, is it? Good. And Pearl might get a Luxray? This is gettign better and better.
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    Couple Claiming Thread 6.0

    Old Claim: Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Tsuna Sawada x Kyoko Sasagawa - Phoenix Fire New Claim: D.Gray-Man Yuu Kanda x Lenalee Lee - Phoenix Fire Thank you very much.
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    who are you?

    who are you?
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    Pokemon Special Nominated in Nick Magazine!

    You realize it's going to be difficult to beat mangas like NARUTO and Fruits Basket? I doubt Pokespecial can win.
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    i love the icon. 8/10
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    7/10 it's nice! =D
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    7/10 very nice ^^
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    it's just text. even if it's coloured. 4/10
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    3/10 ehh.